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How To Achieve Multiple Orgasms?


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During sex I do have multiple orgasms. But they are not back to back. Lemme explain. Depending on the position I have a small o right after hubby starts grinding into me. I also have a more intense o when dh cums, which is sometimes before me. Then he will keep going -stimulating my clit- until I achieve the OMG O. So is this multiple orgasms or no? When I have the OMG O, when I come off it I just have to stop. It is like it is too much and I have to stop. Should I keep going?

I'm not very experienced and i'd love to learn more. My husband is a magnificent lover and i'd like him to feel the same about me. I know he would love it if I could achieve more. It would make him feel good to give me that much pleasure. I feel like there could be more, but like I said, I have to stop. Its just too much.

I think that is why i've been lurking here so much. I feel like I need to spice it up a bit for him. Any recommendations on toys for couples. I've browsed through those but not really sure what would be great for newbies.

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Multiples for me are back to back, no rest period. I build to one, come and then I'm right there again, then come again.

I know when I'm sated by the fact that I just don't go looking for more, sometimes one is enough. But usually I come a couple of times.

I come faster and easier with oral, longer and harder with manual.

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