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Silk Touch Vibrating Egg


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Bullets should be in every woman’s sex toy, hands down! And, thanks to TooTimid, I’ve discovered a GREAT vibe of the bullet variety, called the Silk Touch Egg Vibe! As you can see it's very pretty!

Lavender in color, this vibe is compact and powerful! The bullet’s cord is similar to the old corded phones (spiral flexi-cord), and is a jackpin type (can be unplugged for easy cleaning.). The “egg” does NOT appear to be waterproof. And it kind of reminds me of something the Michelin Man may design for his woman. Or one of those honey despenser things that you drizzle your honey with, over something. It has 3 big humps that tapers up & out from the base, then, at the end, is a narrower bump, which is smaller for more direct stimulation. The last large bumps have slight nubbies around it, but, the material being so soft, it seems as though they were an after-thought. The bullet also has the satin-soft feel to it, so, even though it’s plastic, it doesn’t feel hard. I prefer this sort of plastic, myself. And, because the part that the cord comes out of, is tapered narrowly, it was very easy to hang on to as well.

The controller takes 3 AAA batteries (not included), and the back comes off easily. On the front there are only 2 controls, so it’s overly simple. The big silver button turns it on, and controls which of the 6 variations you like: from steady, to pulsating, and combos in between. I'd almost swear that a Morse Code Operator designed the patterns for this toy! :P Then there’s the dial under the silver button. That controls the intensity of the vibes. I DEMAND a strong vibe, and at the mid to highest setting, this item DELIVERS for me! Below the dial are 6 lights that tell you which setting the vibes are on. You do need to go thru all of them to get it to shut off.

I turned it on, and had lots of fun using this toy on my clit during some solo play one night. This toy is kinda loud, especially on it’s highest vibe setting. But, trust me, this one will remain at the TOP of my toy box, cuz this bullet really hit the mark for me! I loved it on my clit, and being just around 2" or so long, it felt great just inside my lips too. The bumps of the bullet were wonderfully noticable, however, the nubbies were not.

This is a great toy for beginners to experienced toy users alike! Simple, easy to use, powerful, pretty, and versatile, this thing really does the trick.

Oh baby that's what I like!

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