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DAVE24002-02main.jpg Vibe Me Petite

I think I’m in love! This little vibrator is very deceiving. Measuring in at only 4” in length and a slender 3/4 inch diameter, this is absolutely a good beginners vibrator. But for those of us who may have a sizable collection of toys, this is a GREAT addition.

It’s a blue hard plastic shell, with a twist dial speed controller on the bottom. The short length of this petite wonder makes it ideal to slip into a robe pocket and casually walk down a crowded hallway to a shower get away, with no one the wiser! Good for sneaking past a busy house of kids, or navigating life in a college dorm. I love waterproof toys, they are so versatile, and easy to clean. Its not super quiet, but it is not overly loud with some background noise. The slower vibrations are much quieter than the hi-ho-silver top notch setting. And believe me...it’ll get your engine running! I found that I could only take the strong vibes for brief intervals before tuning it back down a bit-they are THAT strong. And the amazing thing is that it is powered by only ONE AA battery, so its even economical.

The length is also ideal for maneuvering it behind the pubic bone to that ever illusive G-spot, and unlike a bullet, there is more control in thrusting to find it. It is wonderful for gliding over the clit, and just all around the pussy in general. Because of the thin diameter, it is also a great beginner vibe for anal play.

I have to say, I was excited about this vibe, as its small size appeals to my tastes. Its compactness also makes it a perfect travel toy, doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase. I loved it instantly as it was a baby-brother version of the very first vibrator I ever bought. Ah, the memories! But best of all, it packs a punch better than some of the bigger toys I own. This little wonder is definitely going to be getting much more use in the future!!

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Guest lioness

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It looked so "basic" that I gave it low marks I before I even cracked it open. I was greatly pleased however when it proved me wrong. This toy has many attributes, it very discreet put it in your purse and take it to work and you will have a spectacular lunch break or put it in you robe pocket on the way to the shower with kids buzzing about and enjoy a sensual shower. Next it has powerful vibrations. All I can say is that little baby has a powerful little motor. Finally it has many use, clitoral stimulator, vaginal penetration and anal penetration . You can also incorporate it into you foreplay with you mate and believe you will be happy you did. no con with this one five stars all the way. It true size does not matter.It how you use what you got. I recommend this to beginners this is the perfect starter vibrator. Delightfully petite, pretty and powerful too! Requires 1 AA battery (sold separately) Although small, it throws a hell of a punch!

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I love a basic vibe, so adaptable in their simplicity.

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