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Wireless Enhancer With Tongue Teaser


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Silicone Wireless Enhancer with Tongue Teaser 1

Wow, the name sure is a mouthful and this little bad boy suggests – with its vibrating tongue and all – that it can give your mouth a rest. We decided to put it to the test on Friday night. We popped it out of its package and felt the soft jellied rubber of its hot pink body – nice. It features a variety of nubs all over its body for tactile stimulation.

We also loaded the small bullet vibe with three of the six included batteries and turned it on. The device has seven settings from low to totally humming. It also includes a few pulse settings as well as intensities. So far so good. The top of the ring has a hole to house the bullet. We put it in and I tried it on. I'm a pretty big fan of cock rings. And at first blush I liked the way this one felt.

After a while, I decided that this one is a little too timid for my taste – the jellied ring fits snugly but it doesn't really constrict at all. Such is life. After we'd assembled and tried the device on it was time to put it to the real test. Step one was to test the vide on its own. My wife put it through its paces and seemed to enjoy the result.

Next we decided to put the bullet back into the holster – so to speak – and really give it a whirl. One problem that came up was that as we moved the vibrating tongue portion of the device lost contact with my wife. We were able to address this by her more of less holding it in place. Thanks to the rubber construction, the Tongue Teaser has enough give to allow a full range of motion for me while she held the end in place.

I found this all a bit uncomfortable as the rubber tended to catch my hair and from time-to-time gave them so good and unexpected yanks. We worked with it for a while but eventually decided to forgo its potential pleasures for a surer source of successful stimulation (my wife's Wahl).

When all is said and done, this is a fun little device; but as the packaging says it's a novelty and that's certainly true. It's fun but not really designed for serious sexual hijinx. There's just too much about the Wireless Enhancer that isn't ready for the show. The vibrator has an annoying tendency to shut down on its own, the jelly rubber rolls and twists uncomfortably and the mechanics of making it work for two just aren't there.

Now I'm not saying we didn't have a good time playing with it together because we certainly did, I,m just saying that we had more fun before and after we used it rather than during.

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Color me amused at the new twist on the name for a cock ring!! LOL

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Nice review! Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to more reviews from you! :D

Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to put more products through their paces . . .

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