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Looking for a fun way to start a romantic evening? Like to learn more about your partner? Maybe even spice up an already great relationship. If so this is the game for you.

I came home from one of my appointments to a wonderful aroma coming from upstairs, I yelled for my husband and he spoke softly for me to come up. I headed up the stairs and asked, ‘Where are the children”, he said, “ At my parents”. We need some alone time. I looked around the room to find candles everywhere.

On the bed lay the game. He took my hand and guided me to the bed. We got comfortable and settled in to play. I immediately noticed that the game board was two-sided, one side is Speak Love while the other says Make Love, the game comes with a dice and two playing pieces. We rolled the dice to see who gets to be the “active” player and who get to be the “receiving” player. Lucky me I got to be the receiver.

We then each set our piece on the “begin” square on the board. As we went around the board we asked each other the questions that were there, example: Finish this sentence “ I really notice my love for you when you …….”, another example is :Share your fantasy with your partner.

We noticed that on some of the spaces on the board said “Make Love Speak Love” when you land on those spaces, the “Make Love” side will fold down. If you land on it again that side of the board will flip back up. We found the “Make Love” side of the board to be extremely intimate and a wonderful form of foreplay. Example: Using your hands and mouth massage your partner wherever they direct you. I will admit that even though we set a time limit we found it very hard to continue to play.

I would highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to get to know there partner better or to just rekindle your relationship. This is sure one game that will stay at our bedside.

Happy Playing!!!


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Sounds like a ton of foreplay fun!

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Glad to have you back Kat...great review...

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