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Sex Toy Confusion With Wife!


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This might seem weird and off the wall but I gotta see what some of yall think. Please forgive me if I jump around or miss things, Im not the best story teller! lol

My wife n I have been together for 7 years. Every now and then ( once a month) during those years she let me use a toy on her, thats my fav thing to do. thing is, she doesnt really care for it, she lets me use it cause she knows I like it and want it. It's not that she doesnt enjoy it, she does. Maybe its because when she masterbates she always gets off with massager on clit, she never has used dildo or vibe or even fingers to get off. i wish she would! I wanna expand our lil toy collection, we have a 4,5 and 6in jelly vibes, and a 7.5in glass she cant use. The other week I brought up idea about new toy, she said sure. I was happy to hear that. She asked what kind and I said bigger than we have now, like 8 or 9in. She said ya right! Thats too big! I dont understand why she doesnt wanna try it? I know shes had bigger.I just thiink its something else. Well, about a week later after dinner and too much wine we started going at it. After alot of foreplay she told me to get the toy. the only thing is, I bought the new toy (9in) few days earlier and never gotta chance to tell her! So I decided to use it. I started slow, working deeper and deeper, before I knew it she grabbed it and pushed it the rest of the way . She loved it. It went on for a while. Thing is, i never told her bout new toy. Im not sure if I should. Im just confused about her saying she wouldnt want a bigger one. Then lovin it when she didnt know. I told yall it was weird!!!! Please post any thoughts!!! thanks I need help

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Do you honestly believe that she doesn't know it was different? Besides, length isn't usually the problem so much as girth because you only put it in as far as is comfortable. With a bigger girth you need to make sure she's utterly relaxed and ready before you put it in. As far as not telling her, well, on the off chance that she didn't know it was a different toy then any secret you keep can be to your detriment. I'd approach it along the lines of "You really seemed to enjoy that new toy." or "We need to use that new toy more often.


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I would definitely "tell her" that you used a bigger toy on her, though, I bet she knows that it was different than what you'd been using before. Just come out and tell her something like "Wow, you sure did like our new toy I used on you the other night". Then go from there. I'm sure she knew that it was different, especially if the toy was made out of a different material or a different shape. If she really didn't know, she was just REALLY into it, which is also great, that she can let go enough and enjoy it.

Lots of "newbies" to toys get a little nervous that they may like it, and make their lovers feel like they're not needed anymore. That the toys give so much pleasure that they won't need their lovers anymore, which simply isn't true. Toys should always be seen as enhancements in the bedroom, not replacements.

I have to agree with Tig, we sometimes get caught up on a number (man AND women), and think "hell no!!", but sometimes trying it without knowing how big something really is, may be better.

For me, I prefer a fuller feeling, when using toys. So, I like them big & thick, with clit stimulation too. So, YAY her!! And YAY you!! I hope y'all have more and more bedroom fun!

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