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Sex Toy Question


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Froggy is right on there. Jelly vibes are flexible, and able to bend with each woman's natural interior curves. Especially if a woman may have a tipped uterus/cervix, jelly vibes would be able to bend where she needs it to do so. Hard, plastic vibes can just go straight up really, depending on their length.

Personally, I prefer jelly toys to hard plastic ones. They're just more comfortable to me.

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It is a combination of her natural length and curve, the give and bend of the toy (seems like it goes in farther, but it really doesn't), and how aroused she is. The more aroused a woman is, the more accomodating her vagina becomes. Also, if a toy is stiff and unappealing to her, she is not going to be as relaxed as to let it penetrate her. All these things combine to give you your answer!

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