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There are several "Betty" stories on Pretty Dirty. I'll post them from time-to-time.


Betty collects her clothes and goes into the bathroom to shower and get cleaned up. I sit smoking - naked - and listen to the water run. I go into the kitchen to get a drink - tea - and check email, messages, etc. I stub out my cigarette and go into the bathroom.

Through the glass door of the shower I see Betty. Her back is to me and her long hair is a blonde strip down her back. As she washes herself she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. This does wonderful things for her ass. I can feel my dick getting hard.

I put my tea down by the sink and open the shower door. I put my arms around Betty’s waist and press myself against her ass. She slides around in my arms to face me and gives me a kiss. “You’re insatiable,” she says. I tell her I guess I am. “I got to go to work though,” she says. “Maybe later?,” I ask.

“Maybe,” she says, thinking for a second, “but not tonight.” I take the soap from the dish and begin to wash myself. “Why not?” I ask. “Because I have a date tonight.” This makes me laugh. “You had a date the other night too,” I say, “remember? When we fucked in the bathroom?”

Betty puts her hand on my chest and plays with a nipple. “Of course I remember,” she says, “thinking about it makes me wet.” I put a finger between her legs and can feel the smooth wet of her pussy. “I guess you’re thinking about now.” She nods and kisses my chest. “So why don’t you come in with him for dinner tonight? You get your date and we get to fuck.”

She stops kissing. “The thing is,” she says, “I kinda like this guy.” “‘Kinda like this guy?’ like I give a shit,” I say, “I’m not asking you for a date, I’m saying I want to fuck you again real soon; and since you’re saying now doesn’t work I’m just trying to figure out how soon I can be inside you again.”

These words have an effect on her. Her hands are on my hips and she’s pulling me against her. We kiss, our lips apart our tongues together. I put my arms around her and spread her ass. I lift her off the floor of the tub and hold her against me. Her mouth is against me ear - “Go into me now but make it fast, I can’t be too late.”

Her arms are around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. I reach through and between her legs to grab my dick. I push the tip of it against her pussy. I groans a little as she lets herself slide down around me. My arms are cradling her ass again and I begin to bounce her on me.

We’re pressed tight together. Her arms around my neck. My face against her throat. Her tits against my chest. Her thighs around my sides. My hands around her ass. My dick inside her pussy. We slide and jerk and grunt and move together for a few minutes, the warm water of the shower falling around us.

I kiss her throat and cum. My eyes closed I concentrate on the feeling of release between my legs, the feeling of Betty around me - of her lips on my ear, of her breath telling me she loves feeling my cum spreading inside her, of her arms and legs squeezing my tighter as I cum.

Done, I slide out of her, she swings her legs off of me. We stand together, still in each other’s arms and kiss. The water is getting cold. I turn off the shower and we get out of the tub. Drying off, I ask her again - “so what about it, do you want to come by with you date for dinner?”

She smiles as she bends to dry her legs - her breasts swaying - and looks up at me. “What the hell,” she says, “I’d love to.” I reach over and give her breast a squeeze. “Excellent,” I say, “then it’s a date.” We both laugh and get ready for our days - and begin imagining our night.

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