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Ultimate Personal Massager/vibrator


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When I saw this toy and the packaging for it, my first thought was this is a high class toy. A beautiful g spot vibe and massager in one, contoured for your body, and the color is gorgeous. Everything you could want. It's a very feminine lilac, one of my favorite colors.

It has a small battery compartment for two AA batteries, and comes with two of it's own. The control switch is a slide button, but when I powered it to high there was very little vibration on the area that is supposed to hit against the clitoris. That was my first disappointment. Most of the vibration is in the gspot tip.

It is a quiet toy tho.

The other downside to this massager, is the fact it does not conform well to the body, it's rigid, and can't be custom molded. I found it very hard and uncomfortable and a bit frustrating. When I inserted it and positioned it for gspot stimulation, the front of the massager would not stay against me. It was snug but no direct clitoral contact. There was no stimulation and the vibration was very weak.

The front of the toy that is supposed to rest against my clit, didn't, and there was no room to slide any kind of vibe in there for separate stimulation. Not even room for a finger. So all I got was internal vibes. I need strong clitoral attention to orgasm, and this was not able to do it. The gspot vibrations were strong and felt really good, but the hardness of the toy was so uncomfortable, that I ended up removing it. I think if it had a jelly shaft and tip it would have been more comfortable.

Clean up was easy with antibacterial wipes.

I would not recommend this toy if you are expecting clitoral stimulation, because for me it just didn't happen.

Ultimate Personal Massager

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I too, am one that doesn't care for hard plastic as much. Thanks for the great review!

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