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Is There A Similar Alternative?

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I guess this question goes to all of the "Experienced" toy users.

Last week I ordered the Thursdays steal (Crystal Snow Bear) for my GF.

After about 30 minutes of touching, teasing, kissing and some oral for her, I placed the usual blindfold on her and got her new little friend out.

I turned on the vibrator first and began to tease and tickle her. I slowly inserted the shaft and began to wiggle it around so she could feel all of the "wonderful" (yes that were her description) vibrations this little gem offers to all of her parts.

Then I turned on the gyrations to which she responded with a wonderful "ooooh my".

I continued to move this little bear around and changed the speed of both vibration and rotation to delay her orgasm.

After about 25 or 30 minutes I decided to let her release and turned the power all the way up. That's when things got scary.

The vibrator stopped working and smoke poured out of the battery housing like the oven in your senile grandma's kitchen on Thanksgiving.

I immediately removed the "smoky bear" and threw it on the floor.(to which she replied"don't stop!, what are you doing?")(Remember the blindfold?)And of course my reply to her was"Baby you killed the little bear".

So, now for the question: My baby LOVED this little bear. She was pleased with the length and girth of the shaft and all of the sensations "smokey" had givin her. She said that it was her favorite, well before the smoke anyway.

Is there another toy similar to this in size and action that could withstand a more rigorus workout?

Please don't get me wrong, based on her reactions and comments she rates this little guy a 9 out of 10. I'm just looking for something that could... well...keep up with us. This is a fabulous little toy and we would recommend it to anyone! (Or everyone!)

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The amazing thing about Too Timid is their one year guarantee. Call the 800 number at the top of the page. Meg will help get you set up to replace the dead bear.

Good luck having more fun!!!

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TooTimid is the best, and stands behind their offered products, so replacing shouldn't be an issue. Sounds like a manufacturer's defect, but smoke from 3 AA batteries seems odd... maybe you're girl was just steaming hot? Bad joke... sorry.

If you don't trust, or want to risk repeating the problem, I would recommend a rabbit... the iVibe rabbit is pretty much a slam-dunk (please, no pun here). It is a great toy, lasts, and really gets the job done. Not too big, easy to use... amazingly quick orgasms! The first time my girl used it, she must have cum in twenty seconds... she started off aroused, but still...

Good luck! Have fun!

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Definitely call Meaghan and get a replacement bear. That sounds like a defect for sure, and TooTimid has their 1 year guarantee on all their toys!!

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Tootimid is awesome on replacing things. Just give them a call and they will be happy to replace it and the "Little Bear" I am sure will once again be pleasing. Sounds like you just got a defective one.

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