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Adonis By Dr. Laura Berman


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This toy came in a very nice full color box. Look closely on the front upper right corner the front of the box, as it lifts out to show a full size picture with a detailed description of the items feature. Inside the box we found a small product guide and detailed battery insertion instructions written in multiple languages. There was also a lovely storage bag included.

Dr Berman’s Adonis has a most intriguing design. Shaped like a relaxed “C” has two separate vibration components. The top of the curve is intended to hit the G-spot; that was the case with one of us and not the other one, so we concluded it must have a lot to do with how you are shaped internally. The other end of the Adonis had a flat surface with “nubbies” intended to hit the clit. On the reverse side of the clitoral stimulators there are grip holds (and they do come in handy!) for making sure this odd looking vibe stays in the right place. I will add, this is the loudest of all the vibes I have ever used.

The Adonis was obviously created for one purposeful position. With the multi speed and pulse options, you can tailor make just the right sensations for you. Both women tried this vibe using several different pulse/vibe combinations and the reactions were mixed. IF this toy hits your g-spot in just the right place, those vibes are terrific, but the clitoral stimulator left us both a little short. I can totally recommend this vibe for g-spot fans or for those who deal well with softer vibes.

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This toy looks like it might work, as it has that 'come hither' finger up sort of position going. I think you already know, that not all G-spots are alike, and not everyone can access theirs so easily, but it is good to know that one of you found success!! Thanks for the review!!

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