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Meeting Renee


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This is a new series I've started working on written for a woman I met on another site. I'm working on Part 2 now.


The party is small, more of a dinner party really; but there's no dinner. Eighteen people maybe - some from Gary's office, a few from Alice's (I work with Alice) and a few that come from who knows where. One of these strangers - Renee - keeps making me laugh. She's pretty and funny and flirty and sexy. I keep finding myself close to her and feeling good.

We've all been drinking and Gary starts passing around a joint. Everyone is sitting in a makeshift circle around the living room - some on chairs, some on the couch, others on the floor. I am sitting on the hearth. The fire is warm on my back. Renee, who was out of the room, comes and sits beside me. She takes the joint and brings it with her as she sits.

She has a hit, chokes on the smoke and a gale of laughs, and passes it to me. "Oh my god," she says, coughing, "it's been a while." I take a long draw and pass it back to her. "Here," I say - my breath held - "you didn't really get any." She takes it and take a few tokes. I exhale and take it from me, smoking more.

"Hey, hey, hey," calls Alice, "that's not just for the two of you you know." I pass it back to Renee and wink. I exhale again, take the joint and pass it to my right. Everyone around the room is in little pairs or knots. Renee and I are our own there in front of the fire. She turns to face the fire and sits closer to me - her hips against mine. I slide around myself and sit closer still.

She's smiling, watching the fire. "Don't you love this?," she asks. I'm totally high. "Love what?," I say. "Being stoned and watching the fire like this." "Yeah," I say, "it's awesome." I look at her face from the corner of my eye. It's relaxed and happy and pretty with the light of the fire moving across it.

Renee is probably 35 years old. She's not slim but has a full and curvy body. Her skin is fair and her hair dark auburn - mid length and pulled behind her left ear. She sees me staring. "What are you looking at," she says with a coy look, "see anything you like?" Her voice pulls me back. "Uh, yeah, sorry, just spacing out," I say awkwardly. She smirks at me and moves closer.

Her body feels nice touching mine. "You're really pretty," I blurt out. She blushed. "Thanks," she says. "I can't believe I said that out loud," I think to myself. I smile and nod at her. My right hand rests on the bricks of the hearth - hers brushes and then rests on it. It's so soft. "You know," she says, "I think you're kinda cute too." She gives my hand a squeeze.

Suddenly Gary is behind us with a bottle of wine. "Refills," he asks hovering over us. I say yes and swivel to hand him my glass. "Renee?," I ask and she hands me her glass. Gary fills them both and moves on. We turn again to the fire and I take Renee's hand. "Now where were we?," she asks, "ah yes, I was saying you're kinda cute too." I feel myself blushing.

I feel like I'm in high school - at a party when someone's parents were out of town. I put my arm around Renee's shoulders and pull her close. She's wearing jeans and simple heels, a black turtleneck and a navy blue cardigan. She has a nice body. She rests her head on my shoulder. I feel pretty aroused.

I lean my cheek against her head and breathe in. I can smell her shampoo. I like it. Not knowing what else to do, I kiss her hair. "Mmmmm," she says, "do that again." I do. She rests her left hand on my right thigh. "Do you ever wish that when you were a kid you know all the things you know now?," she asks, lightly stroking my leg, "you know, all the things about being with someone?"

I smile and tell her that I do often. She sits up and turns her face toward me, clearly wanting a kiss. We're not kids so I recognize this and kiss her softly on the mouth. Her lips are soft but firm. They're warm and taste of the wine Gary just poured. She kisses me back and I feel our tongues touching.

"Get a room," someone says behind us and the whole room is laughing. I can feel my face burning and see Renee turning beet red. "Oh Colin," says Alice, "give them a break, it's been a while since Jerry's had a date, hasn't it Jerry." I smile dumbly. What am I supposed to say - "Yes Alice, haven't seen anyone is ages"?

"Well," say the woman I assume is Coin's wife, "he could do a lot worse than Renee." More laughter. Are they just high or are these people really being serious? Renee laughs uncomfortably. Colin tries to get everyone focused on something besides Renee and I but it's too late; the mood of the party has shifted and somehow it just doesn't feel fun anymore.

Renee and I continue to sit in front of the fire, joining in now with the slowing conversation in the room. Gradually people begin to filter out and soon Renee tells me she ought to be heading home soon too she guesses. "Oh no," I say, "I wish you didn't have to go." "But I do," she says, "I have a sitter at home with the kids and I'm kind of sleepy." "I'd like to see you again," I say. She says she'd like that and we exchange numbers.

I get myself together to go as well and we walk to the door together. Colin and Alice apologize for the remarks earlier. We say it was nothing. Outside it's pouring down rain. "Shit," says Renee, "I'm walking." "Walking?," I ask. She says she lives nearby and that it's just a short walk. "But in this rain," I say, "let me give you a ride." She agrees and we get into my car.

We smile at each other as we sit and I start the car. Instinctively we lean together and kiss - more passionately than we did in the house. Our tongues are in each others mouths and we're holding each other's heads. My dick swells in my jeans. We sit up again and I start the car. As I back out of the driveway, Renee laughs.

"What's funny," I ask. "Oh, nothing," she says, "just a funny idea." "Don't keep it to yourself girl," I say, "what's so funny," She looks primly out the windshield. "I was thinking that it would be really fun to have a car date." I almost swerve off the road. "You mean like going parking,?" I ask her. She nods with a big grin on her face.

"I was really liking kissing you back there," she says. "I really liked it too," I tell her. "I know a spot we can go," she tells me, "I'll tell you where to go." We drive through the empty rainy street. As we drive, Renee rests her hand on my thigh and begins to move it slowly toward my crotch. "I hang to the left," I tell her, "you won't be able to miss it." She laughs and moves her hand across my lap. "Turn left her," she says.

It feels good to have her stroking me through my pants but I'm aching to feel her skin. I squirm a little in the driver's seat. "Do you want a blow job?," she asks as she undoes my belt. "Oh my god yes," I say, trying to stay focused on the road as Renee pulls my dick out of my pants. "Well," she says, "I can tell someone's happy to see me."

I sidle my ass to the right and she bends over and kisses the tip of my dick. Her mouth is nice and warm as her tongue slides around my head. Alice was right, it has been a while since I was out with anyone - and certainly no one willing to suck my cock as I drove. "Don't get too carried away down there," I say, "your giving me directions."

She stops of a second and looks up at me. "I thought guys didn't need directions; and anyway, I'm giving you head. Improvise, I'm sure you'll find a spot for us." She turns her head and slides her mouth all the way down my dick. I moan a little. A car passes us. As much as I'm enjoying what Renee is doing to me, I want to get somewhere where we can park.

Her head is bobbing up and down on my now and she's making dirty wet sounds around me. "Stop, stop, stop," I say, "you're going to make me cum and I don't want to cum yet." She stops for a moment and looks up at me again. "But I want you to cum. I want to taste your cum and feel it in my mouth." My balls feel ready to explode. She begins kissing me again.

My right hand is on her head, pushing her down onto me. She gags a little but keeps sucking. I begin lifting my ass off the seat to try to push myself even more into her mouth. "Oh shit, Renee, you're going to make me cum." She begins sucking harder and moving her head faster.

Soon I can't wait, I push her head down and begin to cum. She makes a little choking noise but keeps sucking and swallows my cum. When I'm done, she sits up smacking her lips. "Did you like that?," she asks me. "What do you think?," I ask. "I think you loved it," she says. "You got that right," I tell her.

"Stop up ahead here," she says, pointing at a Store 24, "I want some stuff." We pull into the parking lot. I put my dick back into my pants and we walk into the store. Renee grabs herself a can of ginger ale. I grab a soda too. We also grab some candy and Renee asks for a pack of rubbers, looks at me, and smiles "I think we'll be needing these before too long," she says under her breath. I pay and we walk back out to the car - fast.

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