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Tantus Vibrating Ring


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TAN9539main.jpgTantus Vibrating Cockring

The size of this was quite a surprise when we opened our package. At first glance with its 2 inch diameter it looked like a cock ring for King Kong! Our cock ring experience so far has been with smaller ring diameter that we have only used at the base of the shaft. The true use of cock rings are to encompass the shaft and cradle the balls as well. This red wonder is made of durable silicone, which is much more durable than the gell-ee ones we have, but with its strength comes a slightly tighter stretch.

Getting the ring in place around Mr. SPs jewels was quite a challenge. Some good advice for first timers: lots of lube around the inside of the ring, and make sure your balls are nice and warm...a loose ball sack is easier to thread through the ring. The thin water proof vibrating bullet comes with 3 watch batteries that are included. They are replaceable so this toy should last you a long time. When fitting the bullet into the cuff at the top, I recommend a little lube to make insertion and removal of the bullet easier. Remember this is a silicone toy so do NOT use silicone lube or your toy will melt.

Once the ring was in place I started to suckle on Mr. SPs cock before turning on the bullet. There is a small button on the end of the bullet that is easy to find, and as a tease, I would gently press it giving him only a brief buzz while I continued to move my lips and hand up and down his hard shaft. He describes the sensations as “impressive”, how he could feel the strong vibrations around the entire ring, even underneath his balls on the opposite side from the bullet. After a while of Morse code buzzing and a few long vibes he was more than ready. One down side to this toy is that it is not very quiet.

When he was panting and aching for release I turned the vibe on completely by fully depressing the button and I climbed on top inserting him deep into me until my clit was pressed right up against the bullet. NICE! Once we started thrusting I could feel the vibrations all throughout my pelvis with an additional burst on the down stroke when I came in contact with the vibe. Needless to say it was a great ride! I was infinitely grateful that this bullet was waterproof, as I am a squirter, and lets just say there was a bit of a flood.

Clean up was another challenge for us trying to remove the tight ring from ultra-sensitive-after-sex-swollen love balls. We will have to experiment with more ways to gently extract the ring in bed. But what we ended up doing was heading to the shower (another tantalizing adventure) and using lots of soap, were able to easily slide it off. Cleaning the actual toy was phenomenally easy...the bullet washes easily with soap and water, or with any antibacterial toy wipes you may have. The silicone ring itself has more flexibility: wash it, wipe it, boil it, put it in the dishwasher...whatever you feel is necessary. It is a very durable toy and with proper care should last you a lifetime!

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WOW that sounds fun and scary all in the same!! Great Review.

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