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Breakfast In Bed And Beyond


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From Pretty Dirty


We sit on the edge of the bed eating croissants, drinking coffee and chatting. Now that we have the day free we need to make our plans. Of course the plans are very simple - sex, sex and more sex. What a great way to spend the day. Flakes from my pastry fall into my lap. For some reason this makes you laugh as you pick them out of my hair. Your touching me there sends blood into my dick and it stiffens a little and rolls to one side. This makes you laugh more and you give it a pat.

“There, there,” you say, “already stirring for more action?” I look down, smile and nod. “Yep,” I say, “looks that way.” I give you a kiss. Your mouth is sweet with the taste of jam. I tell you how good it tastes. You smile suggestively. You dip your finger into the open jar or raspberry jam and circle it around your left nipple. More blood flows. I lick it off you slowly. You sigh. I dab a dollop on my right nipple. You kiss it off me. Your mouth is warm with coffee as you press it to me. It feels good. I am hard. I open a jar of blueberry jelly and draw a face on your stomach with my finger.

“It tickles,” you say, leaning back on the bed and laughing. I lick the face away. “I love making you laugh,” I say. Your hand rests on my head as I kiss and lick your belly. You sit up and kiss my mouth. Your tongue, sweet, is in my mouth. I see you dipping your finger into the raspberry again. You trace a trail of it up the inside your your thigh. “We’re both going to be sticky messes after this,” you say. I slide off the bed and between your legs. “I don’t have a problem with that,” I say, beginning to lick the jam off you, my head nuzzled against you. You unscrew a tiny jar of honey and drizzle it over yourself. I watch as it moves slowly through your dark hair and down into your pussy.

“Mmmmm,” is all I can say as I move to clean you with my mouth. When my tongue touches your clit, you breathe in audibly. I curl my tongue around you again and again until you’re clean and wet. You drizzle honey onto my shoulders and tell me to come up onto the bed. I am enjoying eating you but the idea of your tongue on my body makes me listen. I climb onto the bed and lie on my stomach. You straddle me and begin kissing across my back. I can hear your lips smacking as you take the honey off. I feel some now on my neck - and moments later your mouth is there. “Turn over,” you whisper in my ear.

I roll onto my back, still with you on me. Looking up at you - you’re grinning with a jar of jelly in your hand. “I liked breakfast,” you’re saying, dipping your finger in the jar, “but I’m still hungry.” You put some jelly on my cheek and begin to lick my face. I feel so hard your you and press myself against you. You squirm down against me and laugh again. The texture of your tongue on my face is exciting. The wet and warmth of it are wonderful. You stop and draw a line across your own face and lower it to me. I lick at you. I can feel you warm your pussy is. I look at the table with our breakfast.

There are several jars of jam and honey still on it. “Hmmm,” I say, “this could take some time.” You sit up and smile. “We have all day,” you remind me, as you spear grape jelly on your left arm. I laugh and begin to nibble it off you, making my way from your wrist to your elbow. You laugh - you always laugh - and tell me I’m ticking you. I switch tactics and barely brush your skin with the hair around my lips. This sends you howling. I kiss your palm and fingers. I dip my finger into the grape jelly and rub it along your pussy, sliding it inside you - deep.

You make a little moan and pull my head to yours and kiss my cheek. I continue to rub you inside. You are wet and sticky. You lean back. “Oh, Grant,” you say, “will you kiss me.” Saying nothing, I slide between your thighs and spread you open. Your pussy is rimmed with purple jelly. I push my mouth against you and slide my tongue inside you - deep. I can feel your muscles contract. I can hear you exhale slowly as I move my tongue inside you. My arms are looped behind your thighs and hold your hips, bringing you closer to my mouth. The mix of the sweet jelly and the taste of you - it’s too much.

I slide a hand close to your pussy and begin to finger your clit as I lick and suck you. Your warm thighs are closing around me, holding my head against you. You skin is smooth and warm on my. You bring a foot to my dick and rub at it softly. I move my mouth to your clit and my fingers inside you. I begin working on your clit with my tongue. I rub the top of your pussy on the inside with my index finger and thumb. You begin arching your back and breathing hard. “Oh my god,” you say under your breath; you raise your voice, “oh my god that feels so good.”

I look up the bed at you. One hand is on your breasts, moving between them, playing with your nipples. The other is on my head, pushing me into you. Your head lolls from side to side. Your beginning to twist your hips against me, raising and lowering your ass. I lick harder. I want to make you cum. I want to feel you cumming and excited. I want to fuck you while your pussy is clenching. I want to fuck you - but to pull out before I cum and cum across you. This is what I am thinking while I am eating you.

Your breathing loud now, breathing loud and starting to speak without words. Your pussy smacks into my face hard. In almost a whimper you ask me to go into you. I keep licking and sliding my hand into you faster and faster. Your pressing my head down and twisting on the bed. I can’t wait either. I stand up. You’re ass in on the edge of the bed. Your pussy is dark pink, wet and swollen. You grab me and push me into you. My dick is so hard. I am inside you. I am moving in and out of you as fast as I can. You are grinning with your eyes closed.

You face is flushed with excitement. I can’t wait. I am in and out, in and out, in and out of you. Then out. I stand over you and finish myself with my hand. You start to object to me pulling out. You laugh when you feel my cum - hot - across your tits and stomach. Done for the moment. I kneel again and begin kissing you. You shout. My mouth and fingers keep you cumming. I can keep you cumming for a long, long time.

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