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First of all - welcome to the team. :)

Secondly, when I send out new products I include a packet of information. This packet MUST be read throughly and all of the guidelines absolutely must be followed. I don't make this stuff up for my health. I LOVE adding new people to the team - but I do not have time to babysit those of you who can't/don't/aren't willing to follow directions.

I have noticed a LARGE amount of people posting their reviews on the site under "anonymous." (example: "European Real Man" Dildo, Pixie Vibe, Erotic Butterfly Vibrator.) This is not acceptable - I want you to all get credit for the effort you have put into reviewing and writing up your products. I have also noticed that some new reviewers are posting their reviews without FIRST emailing them to me for approval - this is also not acceptable. Please remember that ALL new reviewers must submit their reviews to me for approval until otherwise stated. It gives me a chance to help you improve and offer some suggestions on how to make you a better reviewer! Some of you are also posting your reviews without pictures and links. If you do not know how to post a picture or a link - ASK. FOR. HELP. Ask me, or some of the other helpful members of this board (they are extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to lend a hand.) It is NOT ACCEPTABLE for anyone to state in their review that they do not know how to post a picture and/or link or simply not post a picture or link at all. All of the information that one would need to know is in the packet that was sent to you with your products, as well as in the email that was sent when the products were shipped. If you did not receive this information, please contact me!

Thank you all for the good work and effort you have put in. I hope you can all understand how important it is to do it correctly. If you have any questions - please email me at: meaghan@tootimid.com.

I don't always have time to check my private messages here, so email is the best way to reach me.


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For any of the new reviewers, here are some helpful tips that I have found, learned, & compiled from other reviewers when writing reviews:

Be honest & descriptive. Describe the toy, usage, materials, and how well it worked for you. Battery insertion instructions can be important with some of the more complex toys. I've had a few people PM me, thanking me for the battery instructions I have given, because, let's face it, sex toys are sometimes hard to figure out.

Always include a picture and a link to the item. The newer Internet Explorer allows you to have many tabs open at once. I open up 2 tabs on the TooTimid site, and use one to get the link at the top (use the first little icon above this window to insert the link by just copying and pasting it), and the picture of the item. To get the picture properties to link up, go to the item, right mouse click on it, go to Properties, and the line that says Address, and has the .jpg at the end, highlight that WHOLE line, copy, then use the second little icon here at the top of the writing box to copy that onto the page. Most people are computer savy enough to know that anything that is in a paragraph and underlined/in different colored font knows that that's a link. I usually put the link at the bottom though. Wherever you put the link, make sure it's there.

Take some time and go over as many of the reviews as you can, on the Sex Toy Review page of the forum. Some toys have been reviewed previously. Post your review in a "reply" to the first/original review. This gives a one stop review page for the reader. Some people have better luck with an item than others. Or, the review may just reinforce what the other reviewer(s) have found.

Use spellcheck, and re-read what you've written. Typos happen. Not really a biggie every so often. It happens to the best of us. However, if you read something aloud, it may not sound/read like what you meant it to do. Make it simple, easy to read, and that it makes sense.

It's hard to keep reviews for the shopping page on the site under 2000 characters. However, on the forum, they can be as long as you like. What me and a few other reviewers do, is write the review, edit some of the other stuff that may not be truly needed, and use Word Count with MS Word, to make sure that the review is under 2000 characters. It's a pain, but handy.

A few of us, that I know of, also keep a copy of our reviews on our computers. Going back, seeing how you've written something, how you came across, and how you can grow as a writer. I find it a useful tool. When posting first on the forum I hit the preview post button at the bottom before submitting my review. I check out that my hyperlink actually works and the picture shows up. It also gives you an option to read it once more for typos.

If you are sent an item that you can't find on the site, it may be a new item that hasn't reached the site yet, so, give it a few days, then PM Meaghan to see if the item will be put up soon. Please don't post an item on the board until it's on the shopping site. Also, items may get a name change, due to a conflicting similar item, or a better description of the toy is needed. Whatever the case, sometimes you can't find an item by NAME. Try searching for the item by catagory.

Let's face it, there will be winner toys, and then there will be loosers. For the loosers, try and remain as positive as you can. If an item came to you broken, or you just HATE the thing, please e-mail Meaghan first, and let her know, to see what she would like for you to do. It's best if you include a copy of the review to her too, so she can see what you mean. Just saying "It sucked" really doesn't tell much, or why.

You have 2 weeks to use, review, and post your reviews. Of course, there will be instances where this simply may not be possible. If you need an extension, please e-mail Meaghan immediately, and let her know why, and when you may be able to be back and running, so to speak. So she won't think that you just got the toys and aren't going to bother to follow thru.

Your first couple of reviews MUST be submitted to Meaghan FIRST. BEFORE posting on the site. She will "clear" you after she feels you're ready, and let you know that you won't have to submit anymore to her, before posting them on the site. Trust me, if she has a problem with a review, or POV, she will let you know, and suggest how you can fix it.

Anyway, I hope these are helpful to y'all. Sorry it's so long. Please, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM/e-mail Meaghan, me, Mikayla, or any of the other great reviewers here!! We're all here to help you, and other people, succeed with their adult toy needs! Good luck, and have fun with it!!

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