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I thought this was a really cool, informative article. So many guys out there are so insecure about their penis size/shape... more of them need to be exposed to such literature ;). It's all about knowing how to use what you have, am I right gals?


Size matters down below

Make it bigger

By Zachary Veilleux

Having sex is no great achievement. insert tab a into slot b, and there you have it. Good sex, however, is a little more complicated and a hell of a lot more fun. To achieve that, you first have to take a look at what you’re bringing to the party. Really, take a look at it. Is it long? Short? Wide? False modesty or, worse, comparing yourself to Jumbo at the gym, isn’t helpful. You need to be objective, which means you’ll need to measure.

Before you balk at the idea of locking yourself in the bathroom with a ruler, consider this: spend just five minutes calculating the length, girth and erection angle of your penis, and you can spend the rest of your life having better sex. Once you know your dimensions, we’ll show you ways to use what you have more effectively.

Sizing yourself up

Most men go through life without a clear idea of how big they actually are. In fact, researchers have found that the average man thinks he’s below average. “Men were good at appraising their overall physique, but when it came to relative penis size, as a group they tended to underestimate,” says Dr Peter Lee. Twenty-six percent of respondents to Dr Lee’s study gauged their own penis size as ‘below average’, but a mere five percent ticked the ‘above average’ box. “It’s difficult to accurately assess penis size,” Dr Lee says. The damn thing is always growing bigger and smaller, and your point of view can be misleading. “If you’re in a locker room with other men, theirs may look bigger because you’re seeing them in profile. You look down at your own.”

The best way to tell how big you are is to measure yourself as a urologist would. We asked Dr Hunter Wessells, who has studied penis size at the University of Arizona, to tell us how. You can compare your answers with the averages below, compiled from recent studies in the United States and Australia.

Flaccid length Measure immediately after undressing, since a cold or warm room can cause shrinkage or expansion. Do it while standing, and use a flexible ruler. “Position the tip of the ruler gently against the point where the shaft meets the abdomen,” says Dr Wessells. Then simply bend the ruler along the shaft and read the length.

Average: 8.7 centimetres

Erect length Immediately after you become fully hard, measure along the top of your erection from the base of the shaft to the tip.

Average: 12.7 centimetres

Girth While still erect, wrap a cloth tape measure around your penis at its base.

Average: 13.05 centimetres around; 4.24 centimetres in diameter

Erection angle Stand with your back against a wall and estimate your angle. A zero-degree erection (an oxymoron if ever we’ve heard one) would point at your feet; 90 degrees would point directly out in front; and 180 degrees would point up at your chin.

Average: 105.7 degrees

Make the most of what you have

Now that you know what you’re working with, it’s time to learn how to use it to your best advantage.

Erect length

16.5 centimetres or more You probably feel you have the advantage over every other guy, but your partner may not agree. “I hear many more horror stories from women about large penises than I hear crying over small ones,” says sex therapist Dr Bernie Zilbergeld. That’s because having the back of the vagina struck during intercourse is painful for many women, generating the same nauseated feeling you get when you bump a testicle. So with length comes responsi-bility. Don’t thrust too deeply when you’re on top. Or else lie back and let her straddle you with her knees on the bed. When she wants to use just the top, she’ll keep her knees close to your body and thrust gently against the tip of your erection. If she wants more, she’ll slide her knees outward and lower herself as far as is comfortable.

11.5 to 16.25 centimetres Most of the vagina’s nerves are located in its outer third, the area you’re best equipped to delight. “The man who learns how to tease a woman from the outset – by putting it partway in and taking it out – will be perceived as a better lover than the guy who uses his full length to drill for gold,” says Dr Mark Elliott, director of the Institute for Psycho-logical and Sexual Health. An average-size man can better target this sensitive area by entering from on top while the woman lies with her legs flat on the bed. This reduces depth of penetration by preventing your pelvises from coming all the way together. (This is also a great position for oversize guys.) In addition, when her legs are extended, it puts more tension on her vaginal lips, which improves stimulation for both of you.

Less than 11.5 centimetres “Men who are short sometimes feel cheated, but they have options that larger men don’t have,” says sex therapist Dr Judy Seifer. When a woman first becomes aroused, her vagina expands more than necessary to accommodate an object it hasn’t yet had a chance to size up. “After a minute or two of thrusting, it collapses back around the penis,” says Elliott. Use this to your advantage by employing the coital alignment technique. “Ride high, bringing the base of your penis up against her clitoris,” says Seifer. Then, instead of thrusting, rub and grind against her pubic bone. “Since you’re not thrusting, it doesn’t matter how long or short you are; it’s all in the rocking motion.” Worried about your appearance with the lights on? Trim your pubic hair – it can make you look nearly four centimetres longer. Snip one centimetre or so around the base of your penis. Don’t do this after drinking.


More than 13 centimetres A guy with a thick penis and a girl with a small vagina can make for a very unhappy couple. “I’ve actually heard of a few cases where there were such dramatic size differences it was just too painful for the woman to have sex,” says Elliott. Although that’s rare, men this size need to exercise caution, especially during the transition from foreplay to intercourse.

The more aroused your partner becomes during foreplay, the more her vagina will expand. “Simply waiting for her to get wet isn’t good enough,” cautions Elliott. “You need to wait several minutes more, until she’s fully engorged. She’ll eventually be able to accommodate you.” Then use a little saliva or lube to moisten your penis before entry. Ask her to guide you in, and go easy on the first dozen thrusts.

13 centimetres or less For men with narrow penises, it’s all about friction. Women don’t usually have a problem with this, but some men say they can’t achieve enough sensation and feel like they’re lost inside the vagina. If this is your experience, the best position is one in which her knees are together and her vagina stretched from front to back, not side to side. She can lie flat or tuck her legs up against her chest – this pulls her vaginal lips together, tightening her grip on your erection and creating extra friction. A great position for a man with a long, thin penis is to enter from behind while she lies flat on her stomach, reducing depth and increasing tightness.

Erection angle

90 degrees or more The more directly skyward your penis points, the less flexible your erection is and the more careful you have to be when using it. It’s possible to fracture the penis, so don’t get too acrobatic during sex. Be especially careful when she’s gyrating on top. Also, “note which way you point, and consider the angle of your partner’s vagina,” says Seifer. Explore with a finger to get a sense of which way she slants. “Deep upward thrusts can put uncomfortable pressure on the back wall of a woman’s bladder, giving her the urge to urinate.”

If your angle is steep, ask her to sit up against the headboard for better alignment. If your erection curves slightly towards the ceiling (about 25 percent of erections do), you possess the perfect penis to rub her G-spot. Use the missionary position, but keep your pelvis low and make shallow thrusts. Steep, stubby men are doubly blessed: they can keep the head of the penis within those first sensitive centimetres of the vagina and stimulate the G-spot at the same time.

Less than 90 degrees Don’t be upset if you have a low angle of erection. Positions that don’t work for quite a few others – such as face-to-face sex, where the two of you sit and then lie back connected only at the hips – can give you a wonderful creative advantage. Find positions that give you maximum stimulation. Believe it or not, for most men, this means the missionary position. “It helps keep the bloodflow going, which increases sensitivity and endurance, and may help boost erection angle,” says Elliott.

If you point or curve to the left or right, be extra careful during sex: a misaligned penis can be very uncomfortable for your partner, especially during the initial thrusts. “A lot of men with penises that point to 10 or two o’clock find that sideways positions such as spooning work best at first,” says Seifer.

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I saw that article Synirr, I found it interesting as well - thanks for posting it! :D

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:lol: I can see it now "Take this magic pill and even you can have Gene Simons tongue!" or "New Doc Johnson Tongue Elargement Vaccum System" and all these men walking around slurring their words with purple swollen tongues. :P
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:lol: I can see it now "Take this magic pill and even you can have Gene Simons tongue!" or "New Doc Johnson Tongue Elargement Vaccum System" and all these men walking around slurring their words with purple swollen tongues. :P

Can't wait to see how many judges show up for court with these pumps!

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