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Tera Patrick's High Octane


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Ready for some high-powered fun? Looking for a different kind of dual action that is actually worth the money? Well, fill ‘er up, get to the starting line, start your engines, cuz this dual action is sure to take you to the finish line!

I have many different dual actions. But, they all are similar, rotating beads, clit stimulator in different shapes & colors, some light up, some don’t. My biggest problem is that I like direct stimulation, as well as thrusting, so I sometimes end up giving one or the other pleasure up. It’s like looking at rows and rows of sedans…. or so I thought, until I got this one! It’s a sports car version of the dual action (in a sporty red and white even)!

High Octane has the clit stimulator, in the shape of a hand with fingers giving the peace sign, but, instead of a rotating shaft, with or without beads, this one has ridges instead of beads, and it THRUSTS!! Yes, I said THRUSTS!!

The jelly-covered shaft is a healthy and filling 7”, with a diameter of 1.25”. The box does say that you should always use a rubber compatible lube with this toy, so steer clear from the silicone ones.

So, I make a pit-stop after the toy wash, and get it fueled up with the 4 AA batteries that needed to be under the hood. Snap the backing in place, and we’re ready to get to the starting line. This is no simple piece of machinery either. It has 7 glow-in-the-dark buttons on the base. I had to go over with the owner’s manual (aka the box), to figure out what does what. Safety first, and you should always know your car (or vibe) before operating. Vroom vroom!! This toy is slightly loud on the highest setting, and it is NOT waterproof. I loove that new toy smell…

I discover that the 3 buttons on the left side operate the vibe. The middle button that says VIBE, so that’s a good clue to which setting that operates. LOL The top button with the Up arrow increases the 8 levels of speed of the Magic Fingers vibes, and, as you can guess, the Down arrow decreases the speed of the vibes. The vibes have different gears: Revving, Racing, Throttle, High Torque, and High Octane. Then there are 5 different “penetration” levels.

The buttons controlling the thrusting are a bit confusing, going by what the box says: “Penetration Controller (labeled C) must be pressed before the Function Controller (labeled F) can activate the different functions. Pressing (F) before © will deactivate the different functions available for penetration.” Ok, so, slot C goes in F…and…..what? Yellow flag! Yellow flag!

OK, upon further experimentation: The C button controls how it THRUSTS, so it really should be labeled T for Thrusting, IMO. F controls the SPEED. If you press the F button, you’ll only be stuck with ONE speed. So, never press F first! Much, much simpler, don’t you think? Hey, I do what I can for y’all!

There are also indicator lights to tell you what level and speed all these settings are on. Ooooo…..blinkie lights! Oh, sorry, I got distracted. The vibes are very strong, which is a major selling point for me.

So, with that all figured out, I am ready for my test drive around the track! With the other dual actions, you have to manually thrust, so I was really excited to see how well this baby works.

I loved how I was able to position the clit simulator just so, and that was about it. The toy did all the work, all I had to do is set the cruise control, and hang on for the ride. The ribbed shaft fell so good, and it had just enough length & girth to give me that full feeling, and it had enough power for me to feel the thrusting too. Yes, we have a winner!!! Our sponsor, Orgasm, was very pleased with our success!

I was too tired after my session to do the victory spins after the checkered flag flew, but, I think that in itself is a testament to this toy’s capabilities.

Ready, Set, ORGASM!

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Looks yummy! Great review!!!

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