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The G-spot "urge"


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Hi there, I have been needing a little help on how to deal with one little thing with the g-spot. My fiance and I have been together for only a year or so and have already found the g-spot, like, months ago. And whenever he fingers me and during sex it's not hard to hit me in the right place at all. (One of the few who's g-spot is very much there) Anyway, the problem is this: no matter how much I try to ignore it, the urge to urinate is too strong! <_< Is there any technique or something of the sorts to get over that problem?? It's easier to ignore it during sex than when during foreplay, just that my guy moves because of the sheets we have, so he has to stop every minute to readjust himself, which isn't enough time for me to get over the edge. So yeah. It would be nice if he could just do it with his fingers or a dildo ect... Any help would do a lot for me! :D

~*~*~Sensual Woman~*~*~

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WOW...thanks guys for directing people to my article, I do indeed feel that it says things more succinctly than I can in a single post. I will just say, for those who just read here and may not go for the article, that the urge to pee is one of the main characteristics of a G-Spot orgasm. IT should go away after the O, but may keep on if you are extra lucky and can go for more than one G!

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