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$1.99 Rabbit Vibrator

Ivibe Rabbit


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Oh-my-gawd, orgasmiclicious!! Ladies, this is THE dual action vibrator to get! The multi-functional iVibe Rabbit is fantastic AND waterproof, so you can have your fun in AND out of the tub!!

Built in the classic dual action form (insertable “penis” and clit-tickling rabbit ears), the iVibe Rabbit has a few extra features that make this dream toy super special!

There is a section of pearl beads along the shaft for massaging your inner vaginal walls. I’ve tried a couple other vibes with this feature and to tell the truth, they were very uncomfortable. These pearls, however, have silky smooth motion and feel sooooo yummy.

There is a wand up through the length of the shaft to enable the top couple of inches to pivot and rotate. Make it move at your command!

The control pad looks complicated to use, but it isn’t. It’s FUN! One ON/OFF set of buttons controls the shaft, while one ON/OFF set controls the bunny. Pushing ON multiple times increases the vibration strength!!! I’m a gal who needs, loves and craves the strong vibes. We were using the lower vibe settings and I was clawing at the wall! And, for helping the playful partner, there are light meters to show how high the vibes are they’re torturing you with!

Also on the control pad are three buttons: F1, F2 and F3. These are function buttons to direct the movements of the shaft & bunny ears! You (or your partner) have total control over your pleasure!

Multi-functional, multi-speed, waterproof, powerful, comfortable, SO pretty, not too noisy and uses four easily-found AA batteries... Doc Johnson has done it again... and for that I’m very thankful... and loud... and wet... and...

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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Thanks Valntyn,

I have been looking at these online, and couldn't really decide which type to get. Sounds like this one is a good thing!

I'll put it on my birthday list!

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