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Circuit Vibrations Bullet & Massager

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I was sent the Ciruit Vibrations Bullet and Massager . This is a very shining almost metallic green. I was very excited to try this toy. The Bullet comes with a remote control that uses 2 AA batteries. The batteries for the Bullet are inserted into the back of the remote control and very easy to insert. The Bullet can be removed from the remote control. The Bullet's vibrations are low, medium and high. The Massager needs 2 AA batteries the batteries are inserted in the bottom of the Massager. The Massager's vibrations go from low to high and the control for the Massager are at the bottom and are easy to control.

I took these fun toys out of their package. I washed them in a mild anti-bacterial soap. I lube done the Massager and moved it up and down my Labia to tease myself. Then I slowly inserted the Massager into myself. I moved the Massager in and out as I was trying to find the right strength of vibrations. I found that the highest set of vibrations worked for me. I did find that they were a bit loud but having the TV or radio on will drown it out. When I was getting close to exploding with pleasure I brought out the Bullet and finished off the job. The pleasure that was given by this set of toys left my parts throbbing for minutes.

Ciruit Vibrations Bullet and Massager

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