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This beautifully boxed gift set comes with lots of goodies!! I was happily surprised to how good the quality the items were too! It comes with:

Very Berry Warming Massage Oil. I found the scent to be what the name is: very berry. It tasted pretty good, but, even after licking it off on various parts of our bodies, it left a slightly sticky residue. It’s clear, but I’m not sure whether or not it would stain anything. And yes, it does warm when blown on.

Cocoalicious Chocolate Body Paint: This reminded me of chocolate syrup you can make chocolate milk with, or top on a sundae; same consistency, & about the same flavor. It was YUMMY!

Brush: To apply said Body Paint

2 REAL GLASS Champagne Flutes: Clear, & regular sized.

Scented Silk Rose Petals: I didn’t really smell any particular scent to them though. There were “air holes” in the bag, so the bag didn’t retain the scent. The petals are really shiny, and a deep red too. I liked those. A lot of “fake” rose petals I’ve received come in pink. I love the darker shade. These aren’t cut the greatest, but, you get the idea of a feminine touch when scattered all over the bed, floor, or wherever you sprinkle them.

4 Mood Setting Tealights: Also red in color, but no, I don’t smell a particular scent, other than wax. They’re in thick, clear, plastic cups, so you won’t have to worry about finding something to put them in.

I loved this set!! Good for anniversaries, Valentine’s, birthdays, Christmas, a romantic evening with your special someone, or a wedding gift, this set will not disappoint!!

Some enchanted evening.

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