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A Swift Ride From Zero To The Big “o”


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If you’re new to the bunny experience, this not-so-little rabbit is far more approachable than its more advanced bunny-brethren. This rabbit allows you to control its powerful vibrating and rotating action with separate buttons. The 7” of insertable shaft rotates in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise dance that will leave you breathless, while the 4” bunny tickles and frames your clit with his soft vibrating ears.

The rabbit ears on this model are slightly taller than many of the other vibes of this type. A little creative wiggling and/or manually positioning the ears can easily solve this problem and make it all worth it, especially when that brings the swirling pearls right in line with some of your most sensitive areas!

This vibe does not feel the need for silence, even under the covers. It proudly proclaims to the household exactly what you're up to, so those of us with roommates may want to turn up the music for a little auditory diversion.

Even with the door closed there was no missing this bunny’s voice. It’s 4AA batteries gives it a lot of power to yell. The noise is a little less pronounced when you’re just using the vibration feature. On low you only get the bunny moving, while high vibrates both the bunny and the shaft’s 1-1/4” width of pretty pink celestial whirls. I usually like my toys a little closer to 1-1/2” wide, but the rotation and vibration made up for its size.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Pearl Ecstasy vibrator. This not-so-little rabbit strikes a great balance between cost and quality, and it defiantly deserves a place of honor in the beginning to intermediate toy box.


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