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Double Silver Bullets

Last week, I broke my foot and was ordered to bed for 2 weeks. After a week, the pain meds had worn off and the boredom had set in. I lay on the couch that Monday afternoon and resigned myself to another day of sitcoms. Suddenly I remembered some neighbor bringing my mail in for me and there had been a package. Yay! I'm saved!

Inside the box I found a very interesting DVD and then my eye found the Double Silver Bullet. I dropped the DVD and wrapped my greedy hands around the box. I'd had one of these once upon a time, but it had been a single and poorly made with only one speed and the wires were forever getting yanked out. As I took this one from it's packaging, I was mightily impressed with the with the seemingly well-built little wonder. It was smooth and shiny and silver and I quickly grabbed some batteries. The first thing I noticed and loved right away is the 3-speed control wand. The second thing is that I could plug in just one bullet, or both....oh the possibilities! I held one bullet in each hand and turned them on the Low setting. With an inner grin, I slipped them into my panties. After testing the different speeds and experimenting with them first, I inserted the larger of the two into the perfect spot. I started moving it around my clit and in less than a minute I had the most intense orgasm that I remember having in months, maybe years! I cranked it up to the Medium setting, my finger slipped and it went into High. Then in quick succession I had a 2nd and then a 3rd. I turned the little unit to the Off position to catch my breath. If that was just a test drive, wait until I get the hang of it!

Every woman alive needs one of these...and one on stand-by for emergencies! It was easy to clean, easy to set up, easy to use, easy to tuck away until next time. I know several friends who will be getting these for their birthdays this year.

Wow, this broken foot might not be so bad afterall....where'd I lay that DVD?

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Please put the picture of the item, and the link to the item on your reviews, including this one.

I hope your foot's feeling better soon!

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