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Ultra Smooth Vibe


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Ultra Smooth Vibe


This simple, unassuming vibrator is all that and more! Don’t let the package fool you. This vibe, although basic, is fantastic. It is a very pretty royal blue and truly is super smooth, almost silky. It ranges in speed from slow to fast with just the turn of a dial. You will easily find just the right speed to satisfy you. It is powerful and pleasurable for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. It also works very well for g-spot stimulation if used at the right angle. It is just the right size for anyone. It is not too large to be intimidating, yet big enough to satisfy. This sensual beauty quickly brought me to gratifying clitoral and g-spot orgasms. Be sure to have 2 C Batteries on hand, because you won’t want to wait to try it out! The Ultra Smooth Vibe is a must have for any toy box, from beginner to sexpert! It is sure to become a favorite of anyone who owns it!

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This vibrator is a lot of fun! There's a variety of speeds and it was fun to use this not only in the genital area but all over my body as well. I tried it once solo and the vibrations were really awesome. They were strong and the higher end really was not wimpy at all. The look of it - hard plastic - may seem a bit intimidating but don't let looks fool u. It's a good size and girth and doesn't feel too hard at all. The cap holding the batteries in stays on really well and overall I was pleasantly surprised with the toy.

If you want a few adventurous ideas, you can use this vibe on the nipple area, and what my partner and I did was tie me up and inserted the vibe underneath the ropes. The vibes flowed so well through the ropes and made my whole body really feel amazing!

I always use condoms for easy cleanup but being hard plastic, if u're careful to not get the inside wet, u probably could wash the end with water. But condoms are just easier in regards to cleanup. Or use toy wipes which I've seen sold on the site. And the nice thing is that the end where the batteries are is slightly wider so a condom stays on really well and doesn't roll completely over the full thing thereby keeping the part you would condom free thereby being easier to hold (not slippery) and keep clean.

Overall, I'd say this is a great addition to your play chest, especially at this price.

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