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When I first laid eyes on the Jasmine I got really excited! I wasn’t expecting a toy that was so soft and easy to the touch. The only way to really describe the feel is to say it’s like powder on your skin with the silky smooth feel that is left!

The shaft of this toy is rather small, but don’t let that fool you. While it might be a little small around for some the texture and rippled shaft will make up for that in the end. The head is a bit larger as well which provides a unique feel while exploring this toy!

The only down fall to the Jasmine is that it isn’t made to bend just right once inside of the vagina. To me it was too hard and the vibrations, while being amazingly powerful, were too strong for me. If your looking for a great vibrator this will be for you, but if you’re looking for straight G-Spot stimulation then I don’t recommend this at all!



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I just looooove the satiny feeling ones. Even though they're hard, they FEEL soft!!

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