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This 100% Silicone, 4 1/2 inch long, 1 1/2 inch wide vibrating dildo really surprised me. When I first saw it I thought, "this must be a butt plug" - but then I thought, "no, it could be a nice, small vibrator." I figured I would try it both ways and see what I thought would be its best 'purpose.' THis vibrator / plug is firm, slightly curved, has tons of pleasure ripples all down the shaft, has a removable vibrator, is waterproof completely hypoallerfenic AND has an enlarged base for safe anal play.

In the interest of safe, hygenic play, my hubby and I decided to try this vaginally first - then move on to the anal exploration. We began to get hot and heavy with some oral, and then we slicked up our new buddy with some water-based lube (remember, no silicone lube with silicone toys) We had already put in the batteries (included) and were ready and eager to play. As my hubby slowly pushed the Rascal into me I was pleased with the sense of fullness that this toy renders! The ripples are very, very nice and they really did feel fantastic inside. As a woman's most sensitive spaces are within the first 2-4 inches of her vagina - this toy really doesn't need to be any longer than it is! It was a fantastic surprise. The vibrations are decent - but not overpowering. They definitely lended some great sensations to the party.

After I added some nice clitoral stim with my mini vibe - and had a few orgasms - we decided to use this toy anally for some hot DP action. With a LOT more lube my hubby slowly inserted this toy into my ass. It is wider than many of my anal toys, so we went slow and took our time as I teased myself clitorally. Once in, I felt very full and I knew my hubby would love the feeling when he entered me. We turned on the vibes and he slowly entered me doggy style until he was fully in. The feeling was OUTSTANDING! This toy is big for anal play - but once I had adjusted I was completely in orgasmic bliss! My hubby LOVED the ripples on his shaft as he entered and retracted from me. We were both cumming way too soon - but know we can use this toy again for more fun later!

I would suggest this toy to any advanced anal player or to any woman who wants a fun little vibrator that is a bit bigger than the average vibe! Easy to clean, waterproof and aparently good for both anal and vaginal play, this toy will rock your world. This toy is called the RASCAL, but if you are thinking LITTLE goes with it - you are wrong!


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