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Bad Girl Whip #2


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A girl can never have too many.....WHIPS! Yes, this is the 4th to my collection of whips and paddles and I must say, I am a happy, happy girl! This 2-foot, multi-strand, leather whip with wrist strap is a wonderful addition to my collection of bondage and domination paraphanalia. I love whips that can be used for dual purpose - and this one certainly can.

With long, soft, supple strands this whip will do more than beat your bottom - it will tickle your top, sides and middle! When used lovingly, the sexy straps can caress your breasts, tease your nipples, float across your tummy, and excite your sacred spaces. Try having your lover stand above you and slowly dance the strands in between your legs as you are in a seductive spread-eagle - you will love the slow build up as the strands send butterfly kisses to your clit. Or, get on hands and knees and allow your lover to run the whip handle and strands between your legs, then pop you a little on your bottom.

Great for women AND men, this little whip can also stimulate your man's penis as you slowly engulf him within the folds of the tethers - letting his cock get the attention of hundreds of tiny fingers caressing him up and down all at once. The sensation will drive him mad with excitement and have him raring to go in seconds!

If you want a little pain with your pleasure, this whip will deliver a delicious SMACK to whatever body part you choose - with a safety strap that guarantees your 'punisher' will not loose hold. Personally, I think a light dusting of the ends on my bottom is just enough to get me wet and ready. The lovely mixture of a slight tap of the tethers combined with a harder smack every so often will have me yelping in desire and orgasmic bliss!

This is a whip for ALL girls - but it will turn you into a BAD, BAD girl....and every girl needs to be bad every once in a while....

Be Badddddd...

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