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Are you ready to experience the newest technology at play in adult toys? The Tantus Revolution is, well, revolutionary! This was by far the most realistic dildo that I have ever had the pleasure of using and enjoying! Made with the Tantus Dual Density 02 technology, this dildo could have passed a double blind feeling test and been the real deal - had it been attached to a man!

Tantus' new invention places begins with a firm yet flexible 'muscle like' core iand then covers it with a smooth feel outer 'skin layer' that is replete with realistic veins and penile head. This wonder toy is flexible, yet firm -just like a real man! The smooth texture combined with the realistic head and veins really feels natural when held in hand and when inserted inside. The only drawback (well, not drawback) is that there are no balls. Basically, the very best parts are there to enjoy!


I was anxious to get to know 'Big Blue' (it comes in a gorgeous pale blue BOY color) - when my hubby was out of town. I lovingly took him out of the box, washed him off and felt him. He has a nice heft to him, is bendy but firm. The 100% silicone material is completely hypoallergenic and can be boiled, bleached, run through the dishwasher or just washed in the sink. This toy will last as long as you do - provided you take good care of him. NEVER use silicone based lubes with silicone toys - Big Blue likes water based lubes best please!

I had myself a nice little naked party under my sheets. Big Blue waited next to me on my pillow while I fantasized about being taken by a stranger. I used my favorite mini vibe to tease myself into a wet frenzy. When I was ready, I applied some lube to BB and began insertion. This dildo feels COMPLETELY REAL! He is a bit on the large size at 1.75" wide and 7" of insertable length - but I like the big boys! I slowly teased myself with him, getting him snugly inside myself. I LOVED the feeling of the veins and the smooth shaft. I kept on my fantasy as I thrust BB in and out as fast or as slow as I wanted. When I was ready for the finale, I pushed him all the way in and used my little vibe to get clitoral stim and soon I was gushing all over him and clamping down HARD - he didn't mind at all! When I came down from my orgasmic high, we went and washed off in the sink. All clean, I laid him on a towel to dry until I could put him back in his box!

This toy is PHENOMENAL! So totally lifelike that if you didn't have to 'do the work' you would swear it was real! If you play with a partner, the sensations would be ultra realistic - you could lean back and enjoy the ride! I would recommend this to any gal who is wanting a good, quality, long-lasting, realistic dildo for her private time OR for couple time as well. This would get any foreplay session hot in minutes as BB is filling and fun! If you are looking for the next revolution in YOUR pleasure, invest in the TANTUS REVOLUTION- believe me, you will be so glad you did and you will swear there is a man in bed with you!

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This toy looks absolutely blu-riffic!!! I am loving this new Tantus Series, and glad to read that it works as well as it looks!

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