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My girlfriend has possibly agreed to watch a soft core porn (more of a couples movie really) movie with me or to help her get excited alone while she figures out this masturbation thing. What is a good movie (titles please) that isn't hard core banging, anal, or anything scary to turn her off. You know what I mean. I was even thinking just one of the "Better Sex" videos that show couples and are more laid back. What do you think?


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The better sex videos are good, or even the Red Shoe Diary ones. They have sex, but not SEX...as you are wanting. You may even want a mainstream movies that have good sex scenes in them to get her going...I will have to think of some. At the moment only porn movie titles come to mind...oh I know, The Color of Night with Bruce Willis, that has a few good sex scenes in it. Try that first, then move on to the Red Shoe Diaries ones. This should be a good start.


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