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The Clear Snowbird Dual Action Vibe


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prepare to be flown away... (by the way, the picture on this page is incorrect but the one i posted in the review is the right one :lol: )

First impressions: I was incredibly excited when I got this toy and even more surprised when my husband snatched the box from me and started opening it with a zeal I have never seen. “Look, it says it lights up, quick, go get batteries,” he commanded. I returned with four AAA batteries and he loaded them in and switched on the toy. We watched the toy in silence--he the lights, I the rotating shaft and pearls. I’ve never had a toy with pearls before and I watched in awe.

Some time later, after my husband and come home with fresh batteries, he placed me on the bed and went to work. The ears (or Snowbird beak?) were too intense and I told him to ease off a little--which is very rare for me because I like strong vibes. I began to enjoy the buzzing and he turned on the rotations (the controls are independent). The pearls light up green, and then red when the rotations are reversed. At first, the pearls and rotation felt strange, and they are rather loud and that distracted me, but after I relaxed a little, they felt awesome. Hubby shifted the Snowbird around to find the best position and boy--in some places those pearls feel really, really good! He tried a little thrusting, and even with the rotations that worked me up to fever pitch. I must confess he didn’t wait to see if I’d have a huge O with the toy, he dove in for some action himself! I had no doubt however, that this little bird is more than a foreplay aid--I could feel the potential for several Os building up. I’m well pleased with any toy that my husband uses on me so enthusiastically. Later, I tried it solo and it delivered O after O in the most delectable way--the reverse rotation button really helps to push you over the edge each time. The rotating shaft really does hit some spots back and forth thrusting just doesn’t and can’t, and those pearls tickle areas that are so often neglected. The Snowbird leaves you tingling and somewhat dazed--aka, it’s just awesome!

The Snowbird is beautifully made from a clear jelly material with shiny, glittery specks in it. There are grooves and ridges on the shaft and trunk like marks on the shaft by the little bird, as well as two lovely leaves by the base. It’s not water proof so you do have to wash it carefully but the handle on the base with the controls is easy to grip while you do so. Also, I didn’t notice any new toy smell at all--perhaps I was too busy staring at its other features--it’s lovely to look at, lovely to feel!

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Spread your tiny wings and fly away? Sorry, couldn't resist the Ann Murray reference! LOL Awesome review!!

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