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Reviewing the miracle massager puts me in the middle of an interesting dilemma. What do you say if you love a sex toy, but not for its intended use? The miracle massager is similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand, but more affordable and having multiple levels of intensity (this is a good thing.) It's very aesthetically pleasing, has an interesting wobbly head, and both levels of vibration are quite satisfyingly strong. It makes an absolutely fabulous non-sexual massager – I was using it on my sore muscles the other day and it's positively delightful – however, it just doesn't get me off. For me, the head is too large to focus vibrations where I want them, and the sensations are just too diffuse for me to really enjoy them sexually. I'm pretty sure that it will get lots of use around my house as a massager, but not for masturbation. Other people's mileage may vary. I will freely admit that the Hitachi isn't my favorite toy either – even though many of my friends swear by it for speedy, efficient orgasms.

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Hey, ya gotta be honest!! Sometimes the sore muscles may need more attention! I have a bad back, so I can appreciate your dillema!

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