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O'my Flavored Lube


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O’My Flavored Lubricant

At first glance this lube seemed to be different than others that I have tried. See I am the kind of person that is usually skeptical about lubes. They always seem to be sticky, or don’t work long enough. So when I looked at the packaging it looked like something you would buy at a nice boutique or high-end store. The bottle is very pretty and has a pump dispenser. You can definitely leave this bottle on the nightstand and no one would ever be the wiser.

Now to get to the good stuff…. the flavor I got was Blueberry Cheesecake. From the first pump you can really smell the blueberries not much cheesecake. With that first taste I was hooked, I mean how many women would love to have cheesecake and never gain a pound. I couldn’t wait for that night just to see how great it worked as a lube.

As soon as we were alone, my hubby just put a little drop of lube on me, and I couldn’t believe how great it felt. The lube is very smooth and slick, which is what you want in a good lube. Then we tried oral, I love the taste and my hubby loved how silky it felt. We tried anal with the lube as well, and I have to admit it worked wonderfully.

This lube impressed me it took us from vaginal, oral, and anal all with one bottle of lube. This lube is not sticky, doesn’t stain, and has a great blueberry taste. The best part of the lube is that I didn’t have to worry about anything, with it being sugar free and water based, I could put the lube anywhere and everywhere. I would definitely recommend this lube to anyone looking for a little slippery fun under the covers.


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