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Daffy The Deep Stroker


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I was a little taken aback when I received "Daffy the Deep Stroker." This toy just didn't look like a real winner to me, but I decided to be optimistic and give it a go! I first started out by really examining it as best as I could. The head is shaped nicely and on the bottom are little numbs for extra pleasure. There are two rows of beads that rotate and really jolt out as you turn it on. Daffy was also a surprise as I wasn't expecting such intense vibrations to come from the bullet.

I must admit I was a little scared to turn on the thrusting because I have never tried a toy like this before! I started with the first setting and then the next until I got to the highest setting. Unfortunately there's really not much of a difference in the thrusting settings. Now, I've never been a "quick" orgasm girl, but this little guy got the job done in less than five minutes! The feeling of this toy thrusting in and out of you is out of this world. It's completely different than sex with your lover! The part that expands to thrust adds a lovely sensation as it moves up and down stroking your vaginal walls!

The only downfall to this toy for me was that I have a "short" vagina and wasn't able to use the vibrating Daffy head while the shaft was inserted in me. Overall I give it an A+ and recommend you add this to your collection…especially if you're looking for something a little different! Definitely a winner!!!



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