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This Is Kinda Wierd?


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Okay so I'm a 22 year old sahm and I've been thinking about getting into the selling of sex toys and doing parties???? only thing is w/having a 2 year old who is alreay courious about everything I was wonder what other people w/kids and owning those kinda businesses how would you explain that to a child when they start asking questions? and when the get school age and stuff??? Do y'all think its worth it w/having a small child? Just wanting some advice Thanks

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I've been thinking about getting into this. I get toys to review here from TT, and it's hard explaining to a 5 yr old that this is for Mommy, and she doesn't need to be looking. Of course, that makes her want to do so even more, but she's pretty good at it.

NOW is the time to start training your children that there are boundries, and that Mommy has a space, and some things that are HERS and hers only, and that you will enforce them staying away from your stuff. I've done this all of my daughter's life, and she is so use to it, she doesn't think anything of me saying "That's not yours", and staying away from it.

As far as parties, well, you'd have to find a sitter for that, because, in all honesty, those kinds of parties get really ROWDY!! Think of it this way: lots of women, getting together, maybe having a few drinks, and nervously laughing about SEX!!! They get rowdy, lewd, and are A LOT of fun!!!! Plus, you don't want your kid coming down in the middle of it, with some lady holding up a dildo. LOL

When questions are asked, you can tell your child that you sell stuff. When they ask for more details, you can tell them maritual aides. That's all they really need to know, until they're older, and can understand that a bit better.

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