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Fun Factory Vibes

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Anyone ever use these and have comments? Since my gf is still a little shy about vibes and such, she was actually very up for getting one of these.

We looked at a few of them in a shop today and the quality looked nice.

We got one of the cock rings with the vibrating bullet on it (tried it yesterday) from a different company and she did like that. She is opening up more still.


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I haven't used any of these as of yet, but they look fun - hence FUN FACTORY! lol

I am glad things are getting better for you Telecom!

Hopefully 2006 will mark the year you and your gf will make some positive strides in your relationship!

Mikayla :blink:

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Hi Telecom,

We have had some people coming to the board and making posts for the sole purpose of marketing their online toy business. I see you have been a member for a while and I know you were not doing this, however, to stay true to our policy of no promotions, I have edited this post. Sorry about this.

FYI, Jen recently submitted a review for a Fun Factory Toy. Here it is. You may also contact Jen via the forum or email her jen@tootimid.com.


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