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Lover's Sundae - Caramel Tart


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Boy was this product a blast from my past! Way back in the day I used to buy this really bad tasting body chocolate to vamp up my sex life. It tasted horrible and did nothing but make me sticky. Things have come a long, long way since then and this body topping is hundreds times better!

I was skeptical but excited to try this - cause if it tasted anything at all like caramel, I was alllll over it! Making typical Monday night sex more like Saturday night sex, I suggested my hubby and I try this product. I read the ingredients and noted that the first thing listed was 'high fructose corn syrup' - which is good for the taste, but bad for some 'female parts' - particularly, the vagina. Never get any sugary products into your vagina ladies!

So, I decided good for nipple play and great for a blowjob! I started with myself (cause I am a greedy, greedy girl) and smeared this thick, great smelling tart topping onto my nipples. My hubby began to lick at my nips and said he generally enjoyed the taste, but remarked that it tasted 'nutty' to him. He did enjoy it, and it added a little something to our nipple play. It wasn't too sticky (we didn;'t have to stop to wash it off) and it didn't remain sticky once his saliva dried. On to my turn, I warmed by hubby up with a little hand play, and when he was totally hard, I spread this on the top of his cock. then I began to suck him (and the topping) off. The smell was intoxicating - but the taste, to me, was a bit lacking. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly caramel either. All in all we both enjoyed using this product - it was a tasty twist to an otherwise normal night of Monday sex~

Lip Smacking Good

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Caramel and NUTS!!! :P:D:lol:;)

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Don't forget the cherry on top.....of something..... :P

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