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Ivibe Mini-massager By Doc Johnson

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The iVibe Mini-Massager by Doc Johnson is a cute little pink clit stimulator. The Ivibe fits in the palm of your hand and would be great for trips. It takes 1 AA battery (which is not included). The battery is inserted in the bottom of the vibe and is really simple to insert. It comes with a nubby top which can be removed to have a smooth ball top. There is only one speed and the control for the vibe is the twist type kind located at the bottom of the vibe. The only 2 things I can find wrong with this clit stimulator is its not water proof and the controls for the iVibe are the twist kind and its too easy to twist off the bottom of the clit stimulator while trying to turn it off.

I found the iVibe to be one of the more powerful little vibe that I have used in awhile. It has one speed and it's noisy but nothing that the TV or the radio being on couldn't cover up. Don't let the size of this little vibe scary you away from its power. This toy was one of the first ones that I have used that has had me getting to the BIG O in about 3 minutes. I really like the nubby top than the ball top. This would be a great toy for a romantic get away because its small and would be easy to pack away and the power behind it would make the weekend even better.

Big things do come in small packages

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It's too bad it only has one speed.....did that bother you in the beginning? I like to build up slowly or have pulsation-like vibes.

Not at all. With hubby being gone over seas you learn a trick or two please yourself.

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