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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright, in my bedroom late at night….OK William Blake I’m not, but this toy deserved a classy semi-plagiarized intro.

I saw this toy on the site a couple of months ago, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I begged Meg to let me try this one out. To my glee, she put it in this latest shipment. I love that woman!

I’m happy to report that this “Tyger” was pleased by the Fun Factory silicone Tiger Dildo! Black in color, it adds a nice contrast to the other toys I have. The “stripes” are raised, smooth, and thick, so they don’t hurt when the Tiger’s thrusting in and out, and they’re raised enough where you can truly feel them.

Being that the whole toy is smooth, insertion is easy, and only a small amount of water-based lube was needed to help really get my kitty purrin’! (Remember to always use water-based lubes with silicone toys unless they specifically state you can use other lubes with them.)

My Tiger is curved a bit, to try and reach the G-Spot, but I wasn’t trying to have a G-Spot O either. I was just enjoying the feeling of this thick, long dildo. It’s 7” long, and 1.25” in diameter, plenty to give you that full feeling. It’s also got the phallic head to it, that adds to your pleasure. Me-ow!

To be honest, I didn’t think that the slight indent at the bottom of the base, which is advertised as a suction cup, was going to work really well, being such a shallow dip in it. To my amazement, that sucker stuck hard!! I also love the base, how it’s a triangular, slight bulbous shape, and very easy to hang on to, especially when vigorously thrusting my ferocious Tiger in and out of me.

I have to say that this Tiger is GRRREAT! 4 paws way up in the air and twitchin' all over the place, coupled with a loud, satisfying purrrrr!!

TIGERS are a girl's best friend!

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  • Review Team

He looks like alot of fun!

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  • Members

Oh Tyger, I am so proud of YOU! Not only was it a great review, but a nice homage to William Blake, who just happens to be one of my favorite poets! He was so twisted......

Great review!

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Wow this is one tiger I'm adding to my order for the next time. thanks for the great review.

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