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FANTASTIC TOY! This curved G Spot teaser had me greatly concerned because it does not vibrate, it is not firm, and it seemed too bendy. Boy was I wrong! Made of soft Jelly, this 8.5 inch long (5.5 inch insertable length) toy is sinfully soft. The shaft portion bends easily to tempt all your spots. The dagger-like handle works wonderfully for holding, guiding and teasing. The shaft is adorned with pleasure bumps which are just large enough to tease without discomfort. All in all a winner!

I decided to use this toy in conjunction with my JimmyJane mini-vibe and the results were out of this world. I was a little skeptical (aren't I always) because the toy is not firm and usually, G-spot toys need that firmness. I teased myself with my mini-vibe, got all wet, then easily inserted the CG. I could feel the pleasure nubbies and the size and width (1 inch) was just perfect. I humped and pumped myself until I started feeling really good. I allowed myself a few orgasms, then settled in for the big O.

I could feel the build-up but needed some more pressure. I quickly learned that by pulling down on the thumb gripper it would press upon the top of my vaginal wall. All I needed was to find the spot. It didn't take long, I felt the spot, rubbed this baby over it, used my vibe with the other hand, arched my back and BOOOOOMMMM! A lovely, full-squirt, G-Spot orgasm wracked me but hard! When I came down I was in a wet mess on my bed - but it was worth it.

This toy was a big surprise. It would be great for penetration play, G-Spot stim, or even anal play! It is jelly so waterproof and easy to clean. Consider this as your all-access pleasure pass for sure! I can't wait to show my hubby what I can do with the Curvy G? Don't you want to see what YOU can do????

Mikayla's Rating - 5 out of 5 SCREAMING G-Spot Os

Get Curvy With it

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