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Twisted Heart Vibe


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I have to admit, when I saw this vibe I wasn't very sure that it would do much, or how it would do anything. I wasn't too far off. This vibe looks really cute (sort of cartoony heart-ish). It takes 2AAA batteries, it is waterproof, and a simple twist of the base dials up the vibrations.

While these hearts are cute - they are not really ultra functional. First, you really can't insert either side of the heart. I tried, it doesn't work. Second, the vibrations are strong, but muted due to the thick silicone-like coating. It is a soft vibe, and it definitely has vibrations, but I am a girl who needs POWERFUL, direct stim - and these hearts did not deliver that. I tried moving this around, opening myself up for it, insertion, even the on/off technique, nothing really did it for me.

Also, on a side note, this is a very loud vibrator. Louder than I have had in a while. If you are looking for quiet time - this would not be a good choice for you.

Who would these hearts beat well for? Any lady who likes very subtle vibrations, non-insertion and a super cute vibe! Unfortunately for me, these hearts feel short of the line. I do not *heart* the twisted heart vibe!

Mikayla's Rating: 1 out of 5 screaming Os

Will Your heart beat for the Twisted Heart Vibe?

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They kinda look like cartoon lips from the side! LOL

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I was thinking the same thing Tyger - cartoon fish lips.

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