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Screwing Your Ass


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I wake up beside you. My wrists and arms - my shoulders especially - still ache a little from having been pulled behind me. I loved fucking you like that. I loved the way you teased me and used me - rubbed your tits and pussy in my face - let me kiss and lick your clit and asshole - squatted down on my dick and fucked me.

I sit up to look at you sleeping - so peacefully; a slight smile on your lips. I makes me thing of how I woke you the other day - pressing my dick against your lips and having you suck me off - that was good. I look at the way you are lying - your back to me, you right leg straight, your left leg bent. I want to see you body so I pull the light sheet back.

The curve of your body from sweetly sleeping face to your long neck - following your shoulder to your waist - up your hip and along your thigh to your knee - down your curving calf to your narrow ankle and arched foot with such pretty painted toes. I could look at you like this all night long.

The way you're lying there spreads your ass and shows your pussy. Seeing you like this makes my cock get hard. I reach down and begin to absently stroke myself again - thinking of what we've done and will do again. Looking at your ass makes me think of how it felt and tasted when I kissed it earlier. It makes me want to fuck you there. My dick gets harder.

I get out of bed and come back with with some lubricant and pour some onto your ass. The cold wakes you as my finger begins pushing against your asshole. You begin to turn toward me but I push you back down. "You had your fun," I say, "now it's my turn." I press you into the bed and push your legs apart - rubbing my wet hand around your asshole and pussy.

You press back against it and begin rubbing yourself against me. I wrap my hands around your hips and lift your ass into the air. I kneel behind you and press my dick against your asshole. You turn your head to look at me as I press harder against you until it slips inside you ass. You moan as I move into you. It feels great.

Your ass is so tight that I have to push in hard but slowly - dribbling lube onto myself as I go in. You sigh as I go deeper - spreading your ass with my dick - your sigh turns into a moan and then a cry and then a yelp as I push all the way into you - my balls resting against your pussy. We stay like that - just enjoying the sensation of me filling you.

I hold your waist tightly and pull you back against me - pushing my hips against your ass. As I move in and out of you - rubbing my dick along the rim of your asshole - you cry loud; but the sounds you're making are muffled by the mattress as you bury your face in the bed.

You look so good like this - your body pressed down into the bed, your ass held high and trembling as I push into it harder and faster now. It's so wide and white. I raise my hand and slap it hard, leaving a red mark. "Move you ass," I hiss, slapping you again, "move your fucking ass against me like a fucking whore."

Now you're push back against me - slowly at first and then faster - meeting me with a loud slap each time our bodies connect. I reach around to rub your pussy. It's dripping. I slide two fingers in and move them around as I fuck your ass. I use my thumb to press and stroke your clit. You shove and twist yourself against me - moaning long and loud into the bed now as our bodies come together.

I'm hoarse and breathing heavily now, my heart is pounding and sweat is rolling down me as I rub and fuck and slap you. Your breaths are loud and low and fast and rough. I can feel your pussy beginning to twitch around my hand - your ass is squeezing too. I am pushing in harder now - with all my weight, all my force - violating you deep.

You're squealing and whimpering and cumming now - pinned to the bed by my cock. Your knees give way and you slide forward and down - flat onto the bed - pulling me down with your - held tight in your ass. I have my hands on your shoulders for leverage and fuck your faster and harder and deeper until I an ready to cum along with you.

I shove in hard again - deep - and feel my cum flow out and into you - filling your ass, Your whole body is rigid now - your grinding your cunt against my hand and finger - shivering, trembling, shuddering, cumming. While I cum I pull out and let some spray onto your pink and swollen pussy - onto my fingers that I am pushing in and out of your - smearing my cum on your lips and inside you.

I slap your ass again and feel your pussy squeeze on my when I do. It's covered with red hand prints. I pull my hand out of your. It's a mess - a mix of my cum and your wet. I roll your on your back and kiss your mouth. You strong tongue is in my mouth - probing and filling it. I love it. I pull my mouth away and bring my messy hand to your face and you open your mouth for it. I push my fingers in for your to suck clean.

I'm spent - and you are too - I lie next to you and wrap my arms around you.

We're both breathing hard as we slowly fade back to sleep.

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That was very good. I just sent it to my SO.

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On 6/30/2019 at 8:39 PM, horny farm gal said:



Want to ride a surfer dude

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