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Yay For Loose Change!


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So, I have a habit of saving loose change from my day in a pot my father gave me. I decided to take my change down to a local coinstar today to get an amazon.com gift certificate.... I thought it would only be about $25 or so.... it wound up being a little over $100!

So, much to my delight while scoping out amazon, I found the sexual wellness section.... and it had the wireless remote butterfly clit vibe that I have been eying for sooooo long! The best part was it was only about $50, so I was able to buy a few more things (holiday presents for Mom and Dad) to "justify" my spending of the money in one night....

I will tell them in the morning about my expecting 2 or 3 packages in the next few days and not to look.... =D

I can't WAIT until my boyfriend sees this new little toy! We are going out for a romantic evening on Friday/Saturday and then to the movies on Sunday (triple date with friends and my sister...) So, I really hope it isn't too loud! lol

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It's the best time!

Things for Mom are on sale because it's past Mother's Day! ^.^

*is anxious waiting for the butterfly vibe* I REALLY hope it gets here for this weekend! <3

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