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Multi-position Beaded Silk Rope


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Multi-Position Beaded Silk Rope

When I first received this I thought that it looked like a lot of fun and very interesting. It measures 36 inches in length and has 8 repositionable beads along the rope which was made of a nice soft material. This also came with a free mask. The beads can be moved to adjust the opening of the ends to put your feet into, but not to lengthen the rope in any way. I will say I would have hoped the rope was a little longer. You have to be very limber in order to use this properly. My other half tried it as he is more limber than I. It took some doing to get into and looked very uncomfortable. Once he was in it I was like no way will that work for me. I just think that it would put pressure and strain on the neck. If you have any type of problems with your neck I would not advise you to use this.

You slip your leg through each hole and then place the rope behind you neck. This puts you into a very vulnerable position.

I would recommend this for anyone that is very limber, but for anyone that is not then I would pass. This was interesting but not for me. It is a very nice concept.

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Thanks for the review - I have been looking at this and have very little experience with bondage. Good to know something about it first! ;)

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We are gonna try it a few other ways when he gets back from his business trip. We are planning a special night for my upcoming birthday so I am sure they will be out then. We just thought of the position on the box and went with that, but I am sure we can find other fun variations.

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