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Basix Rubber Works 6" Dong


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'who is it?'....


'Orgasm Who?'


I am finally seeing the virtue of dong play. This latex free, 6 ", 100% rubber dong is twisted for your pleasure! Solid but a bit flexible, this bad boy will give you the penetration you NEED. It is a nice 1.75" wide (for that full feeling) and is easy to insert and withdraw (insert and withdraw, insert and withdraw...)

There are those times that I am craving the complete experience when it comes to masturbation. You know, penetration AND clitoral stimulation. I love to just tease myself like crazy with clitoral stimulation - usually by using my favorite bullet - and then I start to slowly insert my dong. This was a great one, the twists are subtle, but you can feel them. The gentle stretch of my new rubber buddy was driving me crazy and I started to thrust faster and faster and then I pushed it alllllll the way in and went for the clitoral stim again. It was an amazing feeling! I clamped down on him until I couldn't orgasm anymore -then withdrew slowly, relishing the feeling of tightness.

This dong was AWESOME! It was a simple pleasure for sure. Easy to clean (hot, soapy water) and pat dry and store. Now my little Dong dude will live happily under my bed in a box with other toys! If you are craving some nice penetration invest in this Basik Dong.


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