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Twisted Dong - Anal Tool


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Want to play TWISTER? BUTT on PURPLE DOT, hand on controller...you WIN!!!

This whoppin' 9" long and 1.25" wide anal tool is a twisted revolution. The entire core of this pretty purple anal stimulator vibrates - and it is super quiet! No one will know you have a vibrator in your room! The controller (2AA batteries please) attaches via a cord and has a typical dial to turn on and up the vibes for your pleasure. While I can not say the vibes are super strong, they are noticeable.

While this is an anal toy, I thought it might be good enough for vaginal play too! I mean, 9" is 9" right??? RIGHT! I began my treating my hubby to a nice show while I teased and tempted myself vaginally with this toy. The bumps and twisted ridges that grace the shaft of this toy are a nice addition to masturbation. I eased this baby alllll the way inside me and I could feel the vibrations, but wished they were stronger. When I had warmed up with a nice orgasm I suggested to my hubby that we have DP night! He did not protest and quickly suggested I get on all fours.

He lubed this up with a little water-based lube and began to TWIST this anal tool into me. I felt the insertion smoothly, and delighted at the texture of the tool inside me. He got it most of the way in quickly and turned on the vibrations. I can say, they seem much stronger anally than vaginally. When I was getting hot and begging to be entered, my hubby followed my lead and entered me vaginally while holding on to the anal tool! It was wonderfully stimulating! I was soooo aroused and my hubby loved the vibrations that HE felt as well as the ridges and twists on the shaft.

It didn't take long for us both to build to fantastic orgasms! This tool gave me one hell of an anal orgasm, and my hubby gave me a nice orgasm too. This is a great item for vaginal or anal play (just remember not to cross contaminate) and will make you TWIST and SHOUT with pleasure and orgasm!


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Woot!!! This sounds like a great toy!!

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