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Wednesday Night Sexy Dinner


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Alright everyone i always do a dinner for my husband and its usually just the same old same old boring dinner then sex... so i decided i want to spice it up a bit.... i went out and bought candles a new outfit ( lingerie) shoes make up.... Dinner, ( he loves Chicken and Rice and salad ) so thas wht im gonna make, then i bought strawberries and chocolate to melt... but i so need more help im 21 hes 24 ne help for me would be great. thanks

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treat him to this:

give him a hot, hot, hot bubble bath..wash his whole body with a large, soft sponge....

then, wrap him in a towel and lead him to bed and give him a total body rub with a nice (manly) scented oil...

then, get down to bizzness.

BTW: for the bath and body rub, wear something practical but skimpy...don't get in the bath with him, as this will make him focus on you too much...keep just your hands on him during the massage for the same reason.....avoid any touching of his 'main event'....

we guys tend to get over focused on our women and their pleasure, and do not often sit back and focus on our own; we feel like we should be doing something for/to you all the time...

Listen to Iha. Also, a personal favorite of mine, I don't know if you live alone or not, but cooking (or well let's be honesty finishing the meal) and serving it in the lingerie, but don't let him touch you at all. Men are very visual. Also feeding him while dressed like that will set the mood for a night of pleasure for him (and you I'm sure.)

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Make something spicy... folk lore says it good for your sex drive because it increases ones blood flow.

Don't wait till you go to be. Find a risky new place, guarantee it will add a lot of excitement.

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