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Ooo I looove dual cockrings! To feel vibrations on both my clit and my ass while my husband is deep in me... it can’t get much better, in my opinion! So when we got our All Nighter Dual Wireless Cockring, we were very excited to use it!

The All Nighter is made of stretchy jelly material that will fit any man’s penis. In fun, I used both hands to stretch it wide. Had I had a softball on hand, I could have easily snuggled the cockring around it. A softball isn’t something I normally keep in bed, though... go figure... sooo I let it snap back in place. On the ring are four hearts: two are larger and hold the included bullets (batteries also included); two are smaller and rest along the sides of a man’s shaft to help add pleasure tingles from the bullets.

The mini vibrating bullets themselves, I must say, are very cheaply made. The off/on switches on the ends turn sideways, which interrupts the direction it’s being pushed. The switch has to be turned upright again in order to be fully turned on or off. Also, the two sides often come apart easily, spilling the guts of the bullets.

The vibrations aren’t very strong. If you like a “light tickle” from your cockring bullets, then you’ll enjoy the sensation from this little guy. If, however, you’re like me and really appreciate a stronger vibration, this might not do much for you. I was positioned in such a way (knees by my ears) that my husband could really go deep in me. A few times he stopped and just pressed against me so the vibes were against my clit and ass. We both loooove when he does this, because I’ll just O and O and O... but the “light tickle” was barely noticeable.

Hubby likes softer vibrations than I do, though, and he enjoyed wearing this cockring. He thought it was comfortable and the vibes pleasant.

Because we like dual cockrings so much, this one’ll probably get another chance. Next time, however, I think we’ll insert a pair of different bullets in the bigger hearts, to give us some REAL pleasure. The holes stretch wide enough to accommodate a typical bullet... and I hate to put a good ring to no use. *wink*

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Great review, and I love the fact that so many of the toys that come with bullets can be replaced with better ones.

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