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Top Cat Magic Touch Ring

The Magic Touch Ring is a very good concept, with that I could not find that magic touch with this cock ring. Unlike a bullet that you turn on, this has a bullet types vibrator that is activated by your pressure against it. After having high hopes for this toy, I only found the sweet spot a few times during my hubby and I's session. The vibrations are not very strong, at least for me. And since it is only activated by pressure you can't really move around once you're able to find the right spot.

The cock ring comes in a plastic bag type packaging. The vibrator has a small plastic bar over the stimulator, so that when you do get it to your house is hasn't been activated and has it's full battery power. Since this is a one time use cock ring, there are no batteries to insert or replace. It states that the durative vibration time is 30 minutes, which I can not attest to since I think I may have gotten the stimulator to work for 5 minutes top.

My husband had high hopes for this cock ring also, as he has come to like them also. He stated he couldn't feel the vibrations at all and the rings material was slippery. It moved around and didn't stay in one place.

While I have found many of Top Cats products to be wonderful, this one failed to impress me. The concept had it performed would have been great. So from my tests with this product it failed to perform.

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Great review, and yes even in a not so great review on the toy itself, someone might find something that works for them.

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Top Cat’s Magic Touch Cockring


So, we decide to try out this new purple one-time use cockring the other night. It came in a little package that reminds me of a condom wrapper. Very hygienic. On the back of the wrapper, there are instructions on how to place it, and how to activate it, because it comes with batteries, so you just pull out the cock ring, pull the clear plastic piece on one end that prevents the battery from wearing out, and you are ready to go. The wrapper does say not to wear it for more than 30 min. & that the battery-life is about 30 min. long, coincidence? I think not! Seriously though, wearing a cockring any longer may possibly damage some nerves on your lil’ soldier, so do be careful.

The clit stimulator reminds me of a small sea anemone, and when it’s pushed, the vibes, which feel strong on the fingers, goes off. Once pressure’s gone, no more vibes.

After some oral attention, and experimentation with some new bondage stuff, I decide to put a little lube on hubby’s cock, and slid the cockring over his erectness, with the use of some water-based lube. It stretched around his girth very well, and hugged him tight, which he said was very pleasing.

I climb on top, and start riding my hubby like the cowboy he is. However, try as my ass might, I couldn’t get the clit stimulator to go off. Hmmm. So, I release my “prisoner”, and flip over on my back. He starts pounding into me like there’s no tomorrow, and the first time it went off, I was like, “was that air coming out, or was that the vibe?” He said it was the vibe, so off we went some more, but, the vibes, which felt kinda good for him, were more of a buzzing irritant to me.

Our battery lasted the entire time, however, since it was only an off/on kinda thing, it wasn’t a big deal. The cockring did its job well, and we commensed to dispose of it afterwards, with only some slight regrets.

I give it 1.5 Tyger Paws out of 4. My hubby gives it 3 Tyger Paws out of 4.

Do you believe in Magic?

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Magic TouchTC810main.jpg

Being that our men were off on summer excursions, wife and I decided not to wait any longer, but to test out these adorable little pacifiers on the phallic substitutes we had in the toy box.

Each of these single use items come in a different bright color and are individually packaged. We selected the blue one and were pleased to see instructions for use printed on the back of the wrapper; easy to read and follow directions made this ring’s purpose clear. There was a nice tab that kept the vibe from activating during shipping that needed to be removed, which we did and prepared to enjoy our newest toy with great expectation.

We lubed up our Real Man dildo and positioned the cock ring as instructed.

The vibe part itself is small and grape sized, with small nubs on it, and it only activates with pressure… there is no on off switch.

We tried several different positions and received little more than the occasional 2 second buzz for our efforts.

In frustration wife removed the “magic touch” and tried to use it manually on herself. No amount of Abra Cadabra’s were going to work here, so we put our disappointing little friend away until one of the hubbies was able to play.

A few days later an opportunity arose to try out the “magic touch” with a hubby… I’m sorry to say we had no better luck there either.

Hubby did like the snug fit, it was pleasing and comfortable. As cock ring this little number did as it said. But as a vibe and stimulator it missed it’s mark.

Others may have more success than we did, but this is toy unfortunaly missed it’s mark.


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