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It Was A Very Happy Pre-birthday


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I know some have been asking how things went for my birthday as I was telling some that I wanted to fast forward to get to my pre birthday celebration that was this past Wednesday night. I just have to start off by saying he is so sweet and I will keep him....lol. He took a half day from work and I had someone take care of my daughter. He got the room called the Manhattan with a king size round bed and 2 person heart shaped jacuzzi. It was all so nice.

A little background on me. It is very hard for me to accept when nice things are done for me as my other relationship he never did anything. He would come home work and play video games all night. Lucky if I got sex once every 3 months. Hell I shaved and he never noticed that is how bad it was. Anyway enough about him.

I caught myself almost crying because I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have found someone that treats me with respect and loves doing things for me. Just like I love doing things for him. So we are in the room and we got things unpacked and got comfortable and watched some tv and of course messed around. We are like 2 kids we have fun no matter what we are doing. It can be a pillow fight, making love, talking or just watching tv. We always seem to have a lot of the same thoughts about the same time. It wasn't long before we were making love which is always great with him. After a little while we decided to get in the tub. I keep laughing at this one as he put a little too many bubbles in and they were everywhere, but it was cute. We cuddled, kissed in there and talked. It was just so nice.

As some of you know I have been starting to get into watersports. I am still a little nervous with it. Last week I sent him a video of me going right before he went on his business trip. He didn't get to see it til he got to his hotel. He loved that. He has gone on my pussy and boobs. Then of course we get cleaned up. Well I had said that I needed to go so I sat back and he licked my clit while I went. Oh my god was it good. Then he sat up on the side of the tub and I leaned in between his legs while he went on my boobs. It was very good, because now that entailed us getting in the shower together....always nice.

Then we layed in bed again where we watched some of the inhouse adult movies and ate some of the pizza we brought with us. I have to say this. I never knew I could squirt until I was with him this past NYE...well this particular night he looked like he was trying to see how many times we could get it to happen....lol. I ended up doing it 4 times in a row. It was amazing. He were joking saying that my ass were like camel humps and it stores all the fluids there instead.

We did have a little bumpy part as my mind creeped back in. I told him that I had a surprise of something I wanted to do for him. I went over to do it and in a sense froze. He and I have always been able to joke and kid and not take it seriously which is great. Well he was joking and called me chicken and for some reason it hit me. I started crying and left him sitting in the chair and layed on the bed crying. At first he thought I was messing with him and then he realized I wasn't. So he came over,, held me and we talked. He wants to help me through this. I don't know why I have the trouble. I will send him emails telling him what I want to do to him and such, but then we get in person and I just can't do it. So after a little while of talking and him holding me we try again. I have him sit in the chair with the blindfold. I go and change into a leopard print lingerie that I bought. I pop the altoid in my mouth and then go out there. I think the blindfold helped me keep up my nerve. I started kissing him from his neck and down his body. He was like I sense something minty. I slowly worked my way arund his chest and event started sucking him. He like it. Before this we had already made love 4 times. So he said it felt a little hot at times, but definitely wanted to try it again. He also said he might have been a little more sensitive to it as he was probably a little raw from making love 4 times already. Well then he has expressed interest in my sucking his balls which I have never done. So I surprised him with this as well. He love it. In fact at one point he was saying F@%* Yeah that is the spot. Mind you he is still wearing the blindfold. I had suggested we go over to the bed but he had another idea. Normally he is on top. I have only been on top once. Well he told me turn around and ride him. Well we did that in front of the mirror as well which was good. After a little bit he was asking if he could take the blindfold off. I let him and we had a blast and then continued it over to the bed where we made love some more, then a little break while he teased me with toys and then back to making love again. I think it was one of our best times yet.

It was a great night and I love him so much for doing all of this for me.

Then on my actual birthday which was yesterday we got together for lunch. I had joked and told him how I bought a skirt and sometime in the future I was gonna greet him wearing it. I will tell you this I am far from a girly girl. The last time I wore a skirt or dress was 1999 when I was in a friends wedding. I wore the skirt and no panties. He asked me if I was going to wear any I told him no. So I took the train over and met him at his office to go to lunch. We walked over to the place and had lunch. After lunch I could see he was curious even though he kept saying he needed to get back as they were having issues with a website. Well he was trying to find ways to see if I was telling the truth or not. We stopped in a few places and kissed and of course his hands were on me as usual. Well there is a train station acrossed from his office. We go down there and walk all over. He finally finds a little corner that isn't very busy and puts his hand up my skirt and by this point I am moist and he is teasing me and says oh you were telling the truth. He is so bad and I love it. One of my fantasies is to do it in public...so he said he thought he would push that envelope a little bit and he did.

Well last night he is emailing me telling me that he misses her and really wanted to take me in the stairwell since I had great accessibility....god I wish he would have, but that will be for another time. I guess I will have to meet him for lunch another time in my skirt....lol.

Needless to say I had a wonderful birthday and pre birthday. I have come to realize it isn't about gifts. To me it is the special attention and little things that mean the most. :wub:

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Thank you. It definitely was memorable and I feel very lucky. I have been having lovely dreams of it all since them. He gets an A+ in my book. He took care of me very well as he always does.

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