Oral After Intercourse?

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13 hours ago, Crazy Cat said:

Okay baby, you got me ......sitting on the lounge chair....waiting....

Thanks CC. Glad you’d enjoy it 😍 Have a great weekend.

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On 3/30/2018 at 7:33 PM, Lepraswitch108 said:

Though new here, this topic is one I had to respond to......Ummmmmm.........Yes!!!!!  If you're squeamish, think it brings your manhood into question, or fear your partners response or what she'll think of you.......grow up!!  Don't get me wrong, I thought about it for years, and honestly had those same fears, then one night during what became an unforgetable lovemaking session, everything changed.

Both of are very orally gifted, she's told me I'm as good as any woman she's been with (college ), and I can say without trepidation she is as good as any woman I've watched in porn, and better than any woman I've ever been with.  I swear she watched Little Oral Annie until she perfected deep throating while licking the receiver's balls.  Anyway one night we were going at it, she has to be penetrated before her body is ready for anything else, so after some power strokes she pushed me off and starting at my neck kissed, licked, and bit her way down too my cock.  Taking it in her hands she licked base to tip and back.  I looked down and asked her how it tasted and she just smiled, opened her mouth and engulfed my cock swallowing me whole down to my balls.

It was at that moment that I decided tonight was the night I was going to "clean up my mess"  

We played for a while more, I went down on her and as always she made me stop just before whe came, then she got on all fours and told me to fuck her....and fuck her I did, the whole time thinking about what I was about to do......It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, and I let her know it.  When I did she really started to really buck back against me. With a deep grunt I emptied deep inside of her and kept pumping.  She reached back and started rubbig her clit and started to cum.  While she was still cumming I pulled out and started  fingering her mixing ur juices together, this brough her to a second orgasm which caused he to collapse onto the bed panting.

Rolling over she held her arms open to hold her, laying on top of her I started kissing her neck, after a bit I worked my way down and sucked on her nipples, moaning she grabbed my hair and pulled me tight against her tits, forcing her nipple into my mouth and holding me there.  I reached down and started fingering her again, moaning she started arching her back to get more, I pulled my fingers out and put it to her mouth, she opened her mouth to clean my fingers, but instead of letting her take them into her mouth I lifted my head and kissed her and my fingers sharing our juices with her.  Hot was an understatement, she moaned and began grinding on me and took my cock and started pumping and stroking me.

I pushed her hands away and started down to the promised land, she actually tried to stop me, (she later told me she wasn't sure I realized what I was doing....LOL).  Getting to her freshly filled pussy I flattenened my tongue and licked from bottom to top, getting a mouthful of our shared love and came up and kissed her hard and deep.  We kissed like we hadn't in years, her tongue felt like it went all the way to my throat.  The initial taste, while not reminding me of a fine wine wasn't entirely unpleasant, and her response reassured me that it was time to truly devour that cream pie, which I did.  After multiple orgasms she begged me to stop.

Stopping I worked my way back up to her face and the unbridled passionate kissing continued, all the while my now rock  hard cock being pumped and stroked.  She told me to lie back and proceeded to giive me the best head of my life up to that point.  I came almost immediately, as her tongue and hands pumped my nuts dry.  this time it was her turn to surprise me and without warning came up and kissed me with a mouthful of cum.  It didn't phase me in the least,I kissed her hungrily and she me.

Exhausted we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I can't even begin to express to you how much of an affect this had on both of us.  The new found trust and intamacy allowing both of us to open up about our fantasies.  Threesomes, sub/dom, cuck (for both of us), strap-on play, DP......that was a little more than 5 years ago.....and no we haven't added anybody into our bed, nor quite honestly do we want (yet??? ;) ) to.

Oh yeah......want a real kick?  In the morning after a good session she 69'd me, kneeling over my face she sat directly on my face telling me to clean her dirty cunt, I licked like I hadn't eaten in days.....and we both had amazing orgasms......

Moral of the story..........Try it you'll like it (hopefully you both will!)

That’s great and sounds so familiar! ;)

Yup.....try it.....but more like ...she’ll love it!

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